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Well… Lets see how much we know about Internet and Computers. The idea is to provide knowledge to the TechReaders.com visitors in order to make them more aware of the technology.

usbstickWe will try to arrange this kind of quizzes every week. That also depends on the response we get.  Please do let us know how much you scored. My score doesn’t count, because I made this quiz :).


You will be provide with the answers and their explanations as well at the end of the quiz.

We will randomly pick a comment after 5 days from now and send a 4 GB Kingston DataTraveler*. The more you comment, the more you have chances of winning the USB Stick. You don’t need to get 10/10 to win. The winner will be picked randomly, even if he/she scored 0/10.


Start now!

Modem Stands for:

On which of the following sites can you set up your email account:

"www" stands for

Google (www.google.com) is a

HTML is used to

The "http" you type at the beginning of any site's address stands for

ISP stands for

Which of the following is not an output device?

What is the permanent memory built into your computer called?

Approximately how many bytes make one Megabyte

* Prize will be shipped within Pakistan only

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48 Responses to "Quiz: Internet & Computer – Win 4GB Kingston DataTraveler"

  1. Faiq Ali says:

    Ah!!! 9/10.

    I learned something. Good quiz.

  2. Mustafa says:

    7 out of 10. Being an Arts student, not bad :)

  3. Muhammad Umair Qureshi says:

    got 10 / 10 :)

    nice step (Y)

  4. Muhammad Umair Qureshi says:

    this type of step taken by tech reader administration is highly appreciated

  5. Qasim Khan says:

    10/10. Well… That was easy :)

  6. Saira Kazmi says:

    6/10. Hope I win the prize :-D

  7. mushtaq says:

    10/10. Good step taken Zaheer!

  8. Saba says:

    Its good for beginners. Hope to see some complicated Quizzes in future.

    Here is my score: 10/10 :)

  9. Imran says:


    Never knew that much bytes make an MB :-s

  10. umer kayani says:

    I think I won :P
    Now am waiting 4 ur gift….

  11. Kamal says:

    10/10 Cool :)

    Now send me my gift :-P

  12. Mirza Rehan says:

    10/10. That’s a good start.

  13. Marayn says:

    7 out of 10..not bad at all. :)

  14. Tameem says:

    my score iz 9/10

  15. Haseeb says:


    yeh now where is my gift

  16. farhan azad says:


  17. bashir_ahmed says:


  18. Muhammad Atif Kauser says:

    great … GOT A 10 on 10


    great step for teaching people ..

    this will raise the general IQ of people…

  19. Arif Kamawi says:

    This is very good… People can learn and this can answer people who have questions in IT.

  20. Hi, I got this result

    “Congratulations – you have completed Tech Quiz. You scored 8 out of 10. Your performance have been rated as ‘Very Good’”

  21. kamran says:

    dear sir where you send my gift there is no one adders bar ya same like that?

  22. waqas says:

    being arts student 6 is a good score

  23. Murtaza says:

    ooh i got 10/10 wooooo now kindly send me my Gift :P

  24. Nabeel Anwar says:

    yesss got 10/10

  25. Mehwish Anj says:

    i scored 10/ 10 :) its a good quiz but more n more tech questions shall be asked so that we shake our brain cells fully & get more knowledge !!

  26. ibrahim shah says:

    10 outta 10…!
    quite interesting..!

  27. Aneela says:

    nice n easy quiz first time saw in pakistan these kinds of activities are good on internet rather than wasting time on chatting.

  28. Aneela says:

    waiting for more quizzzzzzzzz

  29. I am very glad to see such a good response. However, we still have to wait for 3 more days to end this quiz.

    Results will be announced on 30th of this month.

    Keep on commenting :).

  30. Maqsood says:

    This quiz is pretty good. And I like your lucky draw scheme. Thanks

  31. Tanveer Ahmad says:

    waiting for more quizzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  32. Zain says:

    Yay!!! 9 out of 10! :)

  33. Zain says:

    a bigger YAY!!! I took the quiz again, and got 10/10!!! :D

  34. Zain says:

    This is a good quiz, seriously. I did not know that ROM is permanent memory built into computer, when I took the quiz first time. So I was ‘Excellent’ first time, but ‘Unbeatable’ in the next one! :) There should be more such quizzes with increasing level of difficulty, so that they increase our knowledge.

  35. shamoon says:

    10/10 hmmmmmmm not bad,

  36. usman says:


    I got 9/10

    but when prize will meet meEeEeEeE……….

    TELL ME excellent fast

  37. Tameem says:

    I think there should be time restrictions for the quizzes because with out time limits any one can answer after searching from the internet…

  38. The contest will end at 12:00 AM. Few hours to go.

    Keep on commenting :)

  39. avenash says:


  40. Bilal Akram says:

    Nice Game I think i won so send me my gift……………….

  41. vicky says:

    Approximately how many bytes make one Megabyte
    One Million
    Ten Thousand
    One Hundred
    One Thousand

    according to me the ans is one thousend. any one explane which one is rite ans ?

  42. @ vicky: Just take the quiz and and then submit. You will be provided the correct answers + their explanations.

    For your convenience, One Million is the correct answer.

  43. Maryam says:

    I got the USB…:-)

  44. Ghilman Ahmed says:

    6\10 not a bad start i thnk…..

  45. Sanjay Janagal says:

    10/10 Plz send my USB

  46. Danial Tahir says:

    I have scored 8 out of 10 and i think its a good start

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