One Third Of iPhone Owners Think Their Phone Is 4G

According to a recent survey conducted by Retrevo, 34% of the iPhone owners think that “4” from iPhone 4 stands for 4G. May be its because of the previous 3G version of iPhone. Of course, they are mistaken but who will clarify this? Not only iPhone owners, but a strong percentage of Blackberry owners think the same.

Maybe the “4” in the iPhone 4 name gives iPhone owners (34%) the false impression that they already own a 4G phone but the fact is Apple doesn’t offer a 4G phone at the moment. Coincidentally, a suspiciously large percentage of Android and BlackBerry owners may be suffering from the same delusion. BlackBerry owners (24%) are almost as confused as iPhone owners since RIM doesn’t currently offer a 4G phone. At least some Android owners could be answering correctly as Android 4G phones like the HTC Evo 4G or Samsung Infuse 4G have been available for some time. If nothing else this large number of “misinformed” phone owners serves to emphasize the fact that consumers are quite confused about 4G.

24% of the Blackberry owners think that they are having a 4G mobile which is impossible. Sixty one percent of the iPhone owners do not really care if their phone is 4G or not, they will purchase the next-gen iPhone with or without the service, pretty loyal huh!? Blackberry and Android owners are also interested in next-gen iPhone regardless of 4G service.

Retrevo concluded the 4G service as confusing and many of the consumers don’t understand, want it. It would be too early to introduce 4G technology in the world which is just try to get used-to Wi-Fi service.

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