Junaid Jamshed and Lays Chips TVC – A Controversy

The controversy of Lays Masala Chips whether Halal or Haraam is going on for a long time. Though, no final conclusion is drawn till date. Both the sides are trying to prove their points. In a recent effort to prove that Lays is not Haraam, the Pepsi-Cola International Company casts Junaid Jamshed in their advertisement. In the ad J.J quote a verse from Holy Quran and says that Lays chips are Halal. That was a good move by the company as J.J in the ad to give his opinion about this issue.


But the point is did J.J really think that Lays is Halal because no conclusion have been drawn in this context. Junaid Jamshed is not an Islamic scholar so, his words are not authentic. Well whatever it is but I must say the company really knows how to capture the minds of the audience especially the new generation who still idealize J.J.


Many Islamic Scholars condemned Junaid Jamshed for giving fatwa without any logical and proved reason. Below you can find some editorials related to Junaid Jamshed’s Lays TV Commercial.

Below you can watch the Television Commercial of Lays Chips endorsing Junaid Jamshed.

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4 Responses to "Junaid Jamshed and Lays Chips TVC – A Controversy"

  1. Ayesha says:

    He should not have accepted the offer.

  2. Rabia says:

    He did this only for money.

  3. Usman says:

    yes, Junaid Jamshed was the role model for many youngsters but not anymore…

  4. saira says:

    tat was a bad move from JJ. he should have gone for some research before giving such a strong stance.

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