Quick SMS and Chat Guide Revealed – ^5 :)

SMS-ShorthandMost often I receive text messages or while chatting on Internet, someone writes some short code, I can’t understand. The most common short codes used while chatting or texting are lol (laughing out loud), OMG (Oh My God), ROFL (Rolling on the Floor Laughing). Wall Street Journal (WSJ) took the initiative and researched on these shorthand codes.

You will find some interesting and surprising short codes as well. There are also some dictionaries available which translate these shorthand into Standard English i.e. netlingo.com, DTXTR.com. Continue reading to find the mostly used abbreviations.

UG2BK You got to be kidding
GBTW Get back to work
NMP Not my problem
PIR Parent in room
GFTD. Gone for the day
FYEO. For your eyes only
BI5 Back in five minutes
DEGT Don’t even go there
BIL Boss is listening
PAW Parents are watching
99 Parents are no longer watching
PCM Please call me
IMS I am sorry
TOY Thinking of you
KUTGW Keep up the good work
CID Consider it done
FWIW For what it’s worth
HAND Have a nice day
IAT I am tired
NRN No response necessary
4COL For crying out loud
WRUD What are you doing
LMIRL Let’s meet in real life
^5 High five

You will also find some interesting yet shocking secret codes as well like;

GNOC Get naked on camera
POS Parent over shoulder
IWSN I want set now

Let’s GBTW (Get Back to Work) and HAND (Have a Nice Day!).

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