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Although there are number of Wireless Broadband Service Providers in Pakistan, but Wateen is the pioneer of Wireless Broadband in Pakistan. Recently, another Wireless Broadband Service, wi-tribe is being launched in Pakistan. The packages are a little expensive as compared to other services like PTCL Broadband or WorldCall Wireless broadband which are providing USB Devices to its customers and data transfer is unlimited for reasonable charges. Unlike PTCL EVO, wi-tribe is based on WiMAX Technology.

wi-tribe LogoIt’s good to have another Wireless Broadband Service but you might be thinking why there is need of another one? The first thing is competition. When there is competition, companies either provide better services for reasonable charges or quit. Another thing is if you are living in an area where limited number of Wireless Internet Providers exits, then you might want to have wi-tribe. For example, in Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Wateen and PTCL were the companies providing Wireless Broadband Services and so, the GAP is there for wi-tribe to cover. Wateen Telecom has also gone unlimited recently and the competition is getting tougher and tougher.

wi-tribe USB DongleBetter Customer Service bring loyal and long lasting customers which so far, PTCL is lacking. Wateen Customer Service is good enough but they did not introduce any new package or offer lately. With the entry of wi-tribe, they introduced the unlimited package and some other offers as well. I hope, the competition would not leave these companies to a price war which we can see among Mobile Operators in Pakistan.

Package & Tariff Details

Let’s discuss the prices and packages of wi-tribe:

wi-tribe starts its journey with 3 Broadband Packages, 256 Kbps, 512 Kbps, and 1 Mbps

wi-tribe Tariff

Additional Rs. 75/- will be charges for extra 500 MB Bandwith

wi-tribe Television Commercial

For more details, please go to the official website of wi-tribe, Pakistan: www.wi-tribe.pk

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8 Responses to "wi-tribe Wireless Broadband Pakistan – Online With No Line"

  1. Malik Ali says:

    If PTCL cancell its activation charges, all will be come to third technology. We all students waiting for its cancellation order

  2. maria says:

    the competition is getting intense day by day. lets see who ll win the race.

  3. Sara says:

    I have used both Wateen and Wi-tribe, and i have to say Wi-Tribe is way better. Though the latter are still building up their coverage, the flexible price plan they have is a winner. for wateen you have to pay for the expensive equipment, and when i was using it a year ago at least, we were stuck w the expensive, rigid payment plan. they kept promising they’d come up w a more affordable package, but it took too long, and by that time, we decided to just abandon ship. i have an extra antenna lying around in myhouse if anyone is interested, although i wd def recommend wi tribe.

  4. Asad says:

    Dear All,
    i am looking for affordability and quality services in a dongle one that’s what I am sure everyone asks for. i wonder which one should i go for… PTCL Evo, Wi-tribe or Worldcall.
    Wi-tribe sounds economical but i am not sure if its data speed is good enough to be considered over others.

  5. Aamir Iqbal says:

    Affordable service but my experience about support and connectivity is not good .. Signal problem in gulshan-e-iqbal block 13-E , i am not sure about other areas .. and bad support

  6. khalil says:

    Really its nice post and zaheer you are rocking man!

  7. adnan says:

    WATEEN Wimax Offering
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    5GB Unlimited
    256Kbps Rs. 599 Rs, 1300
    512 Kbps Rs. 699 Rs, 1400
    1 Mbps Rs. 799 Rs, 1500
    Telephoney Line Rante Rs, 120
    Device Cost Just Rs. 1500,
    15 Days Money Back Gurantee.
    Other Information
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  8. Gi says:

    I’m looking for a wireless router to work with witribe USB dongle. Can anybody suggest a wifi router?

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