Virtual University of Pakistan (VU), Perception vs Reality

Education is one of the most important building blocks in the progress of a Nation. Talking about the education sector of Pakistan we come across many names who promise to provide world class quality education. But the question is; are they really providing the quality education on the basis of which we can compete at international level? Though, there are many institutions and Universities that are serving this purpose but I would like to talk about Virtual University (VU), Pakistan first Distance Learning Institution.

Virtual University LogoVirtual University is the Pioneer University in distance learning based on the Modern Information and Communication Technologies. VU was established by the Government as a not-for-profit, public sector institution which will provide within reach, world clas education to students across country.

Distance Learning

But the question arises, Is VU really being able to provide the world class education to its students? One should or should not join this distance learning institution? In order to get the answer lets just go through what is the general perception and what is the reality and then I will leave it up to you to decide whether VU is really providing the world class quality education or not. And on the basis of this you can decide whether one should or should not join VU.

Let’s start our discussion with the general perception about VU in public.

General Perception

  • Generally VU is perceived as sub-standard university as it’s not being regarded well.
  • It’s thought that those who don’t get admission any where join this institution.
  • The education standard is not really good.
  • The graduates from this university don’t get jobs easily.
  • The degree of this institution is not regarded well anywhere.
  • The building doesn’t have proper equipment and all the facilitation.
  • Students face the issue of timing.


If above mentioned points are general perception then it’s alarming for VU management. Let’s try to find out why people perceive VU as sub-standard.

  • Good positioning and marketing is missing which is one basic reason why people perceive it a sub-standard.
  • The society in which we are living in, we think that education is only possible in class rooms.
  • Little awareness of distance learning education is another reason for this negative perception of VU.
  • We as a Nation are not really good in adapting new things and technology. This lack of information and use of technology is causing this perception.

That was the general perception. Now let’s talk about the reality, what VU is and what it is doing for the Nation.


  • This institution is for those people who are doing some kind of job and want to continue studies. As they provide them distance learning facility so they can take the classes any time sitting anywhere around the country.
  • There is no issue of timing as student can take virtual classes via Virtual television i.e. VTV1, VTV2, VTV3, VTV4 and also through DVD’s provided by VU at affordable prices.
  • All the campuses of LHR, KHI & RWP PVC’s they all equipped with A/c & heaters. Labs are quipped with latest PC’s Plus Wireless LAN Connection.
  • Graduates from VU are working in many multinational, semi Private and Governmental organization. And many have started their own entrepreneurial ventures. And to make sure that the graduates form VU gets the best a Job Portal is being initiated by VU in alliance with Rozee. Pk. You can visit the website http://vu.rozee.pk .
  • The quality of education is world class. As the modules taught are the same as in LUMS, Yale, MIT and other universities. And to teach these modules the top class instructor are being hired. According to the Webomatrics Ranking of the top 100 subcontinent universities, VU holds its place.
  • Students are appreciated to come up with new things and ideas in order to improve their learning like development of their own data sheets etc.

This was the whole story about the VU. What’s being perceived and what’s the reality. Now I leave it up to you now to decide whether you still think VU is a sub-standard institute or not.

Please note that all the information provided here is extracted after research and not based on hypothesize or theories.

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87 Responses to "Virtual University of Pakistan (VU), Perception vs Reality"

  1. Admin says:

    Very well written Mehreen. Keep it up!

  2. Sarah says:

    Very good article Mehreen. I am studying at Virtual University and am more than satisfied. Thank you for bringing something positive about VU.

  3. sohail says:

    Thanks a lot Mehreen…. We gain a lot from this article…

  4. Salman says:

    Very good piece of information. Thanks a lot.

  5. Zishan says:

    Aslam0alikum Every1…
    Im currently student of VU (Faisaltown campus)
    I must appreciate maheen for her efforts but i would like to mention here few things:
    * Im from Lahore faisal town campus and let me correct u there r NO AC’s or Heaters in classrooms.AC’s r only in LAB and reception Area…
    * Most of the students of VU prefer to submit their assignments from their homes rather than the university caz of the pathetic PC’s and SLOW internet connection
    * There is nothing like WIRELESS INTERNET in VU(not atleast in my campus)
    * The exam system waz very easy till previous year but not u can barely get passing marks caz 70% of the paper is Objective and 30% subjective.All the papers r conducted by computerized system every1 gets a different paper from other. So no chance to get any sort of help unless u go through all the syllabus and as the MCQ’s and other questions r chosen by computer so to get good marks u huv to b 100% prepared
    * No extra-curricular activities…(Trips, Functions..etc)
    * No cafeteria in the university.
    * U cant bring outsiders in the university…Not even for 5mins to show ur university
    * In summer when their is a electricity powercut. I bet u cant spend more than 3 mins in the computer lab.
    * The staff is quite rude and mannerless
    * The result is always declared very late i.e.
    In last semester my result of mid-term waz announced only a week b4 the final exams. So, if u huv any plans to skip any subject. U huv to do it at ur own risk u cant wait for the result bcaz when the result is announced u have already chosen ur subjects for FINALS.Once i called the Registrar headoffice and inquired him abt the results to b announced i said him: Sir, i want to make a choice of subject for my final exams thats y i wanna ask when will u be declaring the MID result and he said: ” Aapko pata hona chahiya aap k paper kaisay huay hain”
    * During a powercut a generator is turned on but there is so much suffocation that u will b perspiring from head to toe in minutes.
    * Oh yeah! i forgot to mention during powercut only 1 AC works which is in the Reception for the Registrar (which means sirf registrar insaan hai students nahi)

    My aim was not to D-Grade VU but as im a student so im telling u what i huv been watching there and if u ask me if im happy to b a VU student or not.
    I Regret to b a virtualian

  6. Aamir Iqbal says:

    Dear Author, Assalam u Alaikum: I am also the admirer of Virtual University and its management. Its really a great piece of attempt to provide such class of distance learning especially for professionals and the students who suffered by the low marking in exams and couldnt get admissions any where. VU not only welcomes the students with minimum marks percentage upto 45% but also the students who are even below this percentage by opting the zero semester. Moreover, the way of coaching is totally remarkable, now one can sit in the exams by having a very reasonable knowledge of any subject which is quite difficult to digest in the traditional way of learning.

    However, I would like to share some of the difficulties which a student is facing: 1- 6 subjects in one semester and Lectures 6 days in a week are heavy dose especially for working professionals; 2- There must be re schedule the lectures by utilizing these two months after final examinations of any semester and ease out the contents of any subject lectures by splitting it more 3- I have been encountered a problem which quite repitative in nature especially in Pakistan that Electricity Failure may harm hard to anyone’s study schedule, then I searched for the solution to this problem and got information about a devise named as Cowan D2 which is a portable devise and not so much power hungry. My suggestion is to the University Management to import or get this devise which is about US$ 80 and make it available for purchase for students of VU. My request to arrange this devise or like devise to the University is because of the said devise is not available in the local market and can only be imported, which may be costly if in less quantity. Thanks and regards, Aamir Iqbal

  7. Jez says:

    Nice Information Mehreen…..

    I was in search of something informative about VU! Which i got now..

    The question arises! that Has VU ahead if any one does Bachelors from there! Anyone who can not study in big names university due to less finance

  8. I am also the student of VU private campus Haripur Hazara.Believe me, VU is an amazing place for education because of many reasons. Some of them has been already shown here at the site.
    The main mission of vu is providing the world class education to the students not only in Pakistan but also to the foriegn students.the objective of vu is fne but the only problem that students can face here is the lack of communnication and ficilities.VU has a very large no of campuses throughout the whole country and it is realy a tuff job to handle all of them.I hink, vu believes in quantity raher than quality which is not a good thing. So while establishing the new campuses, it should have to be kept in mind that the authorities must have to consider the quality of education.If the standard of education can not be world class ,it will be o.k and there will be no problem but if the standard of education will be as much low that it would not fulfil the basic needs of quality education then certainly there is no need to cheat the people in the name of education.

  9. Naveed saeed khan says:

    Mehreen sister .I got a lot survayed in many universities but I didnot find nay university like this vu is uniq.This perception is wrong that only dull student get admission in vu my friend has highest %age above 70% and are the part of vu. Take the admission is so easy but make the result is so difficult.

  10. Assalamualaikum,
    I was also a student of VU of have just completed MCS this year with 3.75 CGPA topped in karachi and secured 2nd position in Pakistan.
    I totally agree with you and respect your feelings but I want to add here that we should also remember that there is not much time passed since its establishment so there will be areas which needs improvement and importanly they are working on that and INSHALLAH the day is not far away that it will be Pakistan’s no. 1 University because undoubtedly Eduction is world class. One more thing, no other university has brought fame to their names in this short span of time except VU. More importantly they are on the right track and we should have patience and gave them time, INSHALLAH VU will be Pakistan’s No.1 University and in Education we will represented by VU in the world, INSHALLAH.

  11. Anonmous says:

    This is the only reason why we Pakistanis dont prosper, because we point out negative aspect rather to up-come with positive ones. I think Mehreen you have done a good job. As per your long list of boring excuses Mr.Zishan at least they came up with new ideas, enthusiasm, energy, promotion of studies. We just have to look at the number of literates in our country, and discuss such F***S you are also proving to be illiterate. if u feel its a piece of junk so please go abroad and get the high class education by paying sacks of money then u’ll be satisfied…
    our appreciation and support can make this university worlds best university…INSHAALLAH…

  12. Asif javed says:

    i am a VU student of 8th semester. let me tell YOU all my story of BS(CS). i live in Quetta. first i got admission to Petromen institute but the education was like a joke there: the teacher(s) who teaches the particular subject in the morning, take classes of that subject in the evening (i mean they take tution). i left Petromen and took admission at Pearl institute of management and Technology. i studied three semesters there but found no better faculty(instructors) there. Pearl institute of management and Technology was the private campus of VU. when i listen the lectures then i realized that of course it is best University but i didn’t take admission in VU till that time. when i saw the Learning management system (VULMS) then i realized the importance of VU: the answers provided by the instructors were of best quality and with in the time. when i scan some answers provided by VU instructors of the subject in which i got ‘A’ grade(From Pearl institute of management and Technology) then i criticized myself and realized that i know nothing about that subject (I was able to view the moderate discussion boards as I requested a VU student to let me view the moderate discussion of that subject). Then i make a decision to take the admission at VU. And now i am totally satisfied that i have learnt a lot from VU. i pray for VU faculty.
    Let me tell you all, some facts that may help you all to decide whether to take admission at VU or not.
    1. My cousin studied at NUST, Islamabad. Once he came to me as he wanted to learn C++ (i started C, C++ after FSc and has alot of hands on experience). when i asked him some basic concepts of C++, he didn’t know them. And when i teach him some very basic concepts(object, class, relationships) with coding, he said i didn’t know these things. And guess the mark of him in C++ from NUST: 75%. you will not agree at first glance as i did the same. But its a fact. when i asked the my cousin about the question paper of C++ that he attempted and got 75% marks, he said “all the questions were subjective”! Let me tell you all C++ is a programming language and there should be coding questions rather subjective questions. 10% to 15% of subjective question are ok for subjective but all the paper was subjective.

    2. My another cousin was student of Barani Institute (in Rawalpindi). when he came to his home during holidays i asked him about his studies. Believe me he said, not well the teachers are not good in their subjects. and i also taught him C++.

    3. My third cousin was student of BUITMS(Balochistan University of information Technology and Management system),. He was enrolled in BE or BEE(electronics course) course He always asked me if you want to take help from me (as i was student of VU). And he always said that the education at BUITMS is best. once i requested him to solve my assignment no 1 of Differential Equation, he excused me and said i can’t understand how solve these questions (at that time he had finished his studies and got 3.2 CGPA). And guess his marks in Differential Equations: 82%.

    4. when i was student of BS(CS) at Pearl institute, there was a very helpful teacher of Electronics, Ajab Gul, now doing his PHD in foreign country. When i was in 3rd semester at VU, i was enrolled in Electronics course. usually, i went to him for learning purpose. once i was feeling some confusion in my homework assignment of that subject. i requested Sir Ajab Gul to help me out. when he saw the assignment questions, he helped me in one question and told me some symbols are out of my scope and i can’t understand them. He asked me, what VU want a student to be! great. Now you can argue that why you didn’t took help from VU instructor. the answer is: as i was so busy during these days that i was unable to listen lectures and that date was last date of assignment submission. later when i listen the lectures and asked some queries from the instructor then i was able to solve that assignment. here i only wanted to point you to the comments of a professor of Electronics.

    5. My one relative studied in SUPARCO institute (Hub, Karachi). once he requested me to check the coding(of a project) file which was giving a syntax error. when i asked him(relative) to tell your friend to contact me so that i can tell him the error, my relative said he will not understand because he copied the code from the internet. And this is the case for many Universities. Almost all students get the code from the internet and submit as their final project and got 200 marks.
    Many Many thanks for VU, as no student can copy code from the internet as at VU project is designed from the student in a way professionals design the project. we got only 40 marks out of 200 for of coding. And VU project team get design the project in a professional way: requirement phase, design phase, Development phase. Hence nobody can cheat at VU.

    Although VU has some management problems but not Academic problems. And this is so as VU has over 23000 students(as far i know). And every institute has management problems to some extent.

    let me clear some points that i saw at this forum.

    1. Result is late as there are so many students. A student can easily guess the marks of given papers. As Zishan said that i inquired to the registrar and asked him about result. Secondly to check and publish the result of almost 23000 is great responsibility. And I was able to know my marks(not exact) after attempting a paper. I didn’t find any unfair in marking of any paper.

    2. Electricity problem is all over the country so i suggest a VU student should have a laptop having at least on hour backup. And it is very cheap. I have a laptop P3 having one hour backup and I purchased it for Rs. 8000.

    Let me shift your attention to a very serious issue. The non-Virtual institutes are trying to De-grade VU as their business is badly affecting. this is because education is business in Pakistan. But education is cheap and of finest quality at VU. the higher management of non-virtual institutes know about the quality education of VU, even the professors at these non-virtual institutes listen the lectures of VU and teach to their students accordingly.

    I think its enough for those who want to know about VU.
    I want to conclude by saying this, VU education system should be promoted for the better future of Pakistan.

  13. @Asif javed – I really appreciate your time and efforts in clarifying many things people often think of.

    I also agree that VU is one of the best universities in the world. It gives opportunity to the students who really want to learn something. But the problem arises, when people take their VU degree for job (some of my friends experienced this situation). This is the misconception that VU is substandard university. In fact, it is way better than 90% universities of Pakistan. Students have to be proactive and hard working if they really want to get good grades from VU.

  14. Asif javed says:

    Yes, Zaheer Ahmed Khan, you are right. And now i am thinking of to take admission at VU in MS:Software Engineering program.

  15. naeem says:

    mehreen chhaaa gye hay.

  16. Muhammad Shahzad Saleem says:

    Originally Posted By Malik Bilal AshrafI am also the student of VU private campus Haripur Hazara.Believe me, VU is an amazing place for education because of many reasons. Some of them has been already shown here at the site.
    The main mission of vu is providing the world class education to the students not only in Pakistan but also to the foriegn students.the objective of vu is fne but the only problem that students can face here is the lack of communnication and ficilities.VU has a very large no of campuses throughout the whole country and it is realy a tuff job to handle all of them.I hink, vu believes in quantity raher than quality which is not a good thing. So while establishing the new campuses, it should have to be kept in mind that the authorities must have to consider the quality of education.If the standard of education can not be world class ,it will be o.k and there will be no problem but if the standard of education will be as much low that it would not fulfil the basic needs of quality education then certainly there is no need to cheat the people in the name of education.

    @Malik Bilal Ashraf

    Quality of education is not determined by having heating or cooling system in your campus. i would prefer to study while sitting under a tree these luxuries are immaterial. What matters is the contents and professors. I am a student of MIT from Baltimore, MD. I feel proud to be a student of VU. The professors are highly qualified and their lecture delivery is world class.
    If you are not satisfied with education your should point out professor not the franchised campus site.

    I would like to name few professors like Belal Hashmi taught Assembly language. I would like to hear that he is not one of the best professors?
    Dr. Fakhar Lodhi taught Software Engineering. I personally feel no reason that any one can say he is not best let alone good.

    It does not matter whether you sit on sofa or under a tree. You are learning from the same professors not matter what. If you are good students your grade will reflect that.

  17. Asif javed says:

    i want to post comments againt Zishan’s saying that “I Regret to b a virtualian”.
    i have seen some students that they began to regret VU when they are not able to adjust themself according to VU quality education system , solve assignmnets, quizes, Greaded Moderate Dicussion boards. The students began to regret VU specially when they take Project course as, i believe, completing project reflects the overall progress in any specified course. And completing the project from VU is of course tough task and at the same time enjoyable.
    one of my senior did the same: he began to regret VU when he faced the hard times while completing the project course. And believe me now he is enrolled in MBA second semester from VU.
    So we shouldn’t regret VU, why don’t we criticise ourself. Of course VU is Helping a lot in producing creative students. i always pray for VU staff members. i am proud to be a Virtualian.

  18. shahzad akram says:

    m shahzad n i jst confused tht which university os best in pakistan aiou or vu plzz notify or if vu is best then he the degree of vu hv any any scope in the market when students complete their degree and seeking job???????? plzz rply me as soon as possible or guide me if i hv got admission in vu or either aiou my emial adress is shahzad_lovekeys[at]yahoo.com

  19. Tameem says:

    I know that the university is giving world class education at your door step but the lectures they have recorded are not new these lectures were recorded when the university was launched. they are teaching how to use office 2003 that is very old version now a days people using office 2007 or 10 suit. and i think through this kind of teaching students can not compete the market. because they are not teaching about new technology

  20. Muhammad Shahzad Saleem says:

    Originally Posted By TameemI know that the university is giving world class education at your door step but the lectures they have recorded are not new these lectures were recorded when the university was launched. they are teaching how to use office 2003 that is very old version now a days people using office 2007 or 10 suit. and i think through this kind of teaching students can not compete the market. because they are not teaching about new technology

    MS Office! Is this what you expect from a university to teach you? There is no need to teach anybody any office tool. You can go and do a short course yourself. Are you trying to evaluate any graduate degree with the version of MS Office???

    You are not mature enough to be in the university at first place. Getting admission in VU is easy but to keep up with assignments, quizzes, and exams requires full dedication and hard work. One will end up accusing the education if he himself is incompetent and incapable of learning.

  21. Tasadduq says:

    I’m not a virtual University student myself (even though I studied one semester but didn’t take exams) but I’m very much impressed with the system and quality of education they are providing.

    I’ve studied in different universities and colleges but nothing (in my opinion) can compete with virtual university if we talk about real education.

    Normally people cram in universities but that won’t work in case of Virtual University. You have to study thoroughly in order to pass. This is where people learn unlike ordinary universities.

    If someone wants to learn something, VU is the best place.

    Just my two cents.

  22. Originally Posted By Muhammad Shahzad Saleem

    Originally Posted By TameemI know that the university is giving world class education at your door step but the lectures they have recorded are not new these lectures were recorded when the university was launched. they are teaching how to use office 2003 that is very old version now a days people using office 2007 or 10 suit. and i think through this kind of teaching students can not compete the market. because they are not teaching about new technology

    MS Office! Is this what you expect from a university to teach you? There is no need to teach anybody any office tool. You can go and do a short course yourself. Are you trying to evaluate any graduate degree with the version of MS Office???

    You are not mature enough to be in the university at first place. Getting admission in VU is easy but to keep up with assignments, quizzes, and exams requires full dedication and hard work. One will end up accusing the education if he himself is incompetent and incapable of learning.

    That’s a little harsh Shahzad. I think his point was that VU is still providing old lectures and not keeping up with the pace. It’s not about any tool, it’s about the whole pattern.

  23. Asif javed says:

    Dear shahzad akram,
    Difference Between Aiou and VU
    i recorded AIOU lectures as well into my computer. AIOU has less course outlines as compare to VU. there is no good Management system of AIOU. there are some courses with only power point slides and background audio voice. I suggest you to take addmission at VU. But keep in mind, only hard working can get you throuhg the successful end. its not the case that take admission at VU and get the degree.

  24. Asif javed says:

    Are YOU Zaheer Ahmed Khan or Manzoor khilgi. i think YOU are Manzoor khilgi.

  25. @Asif javed – Are you talking to me? No brother, I am Zaheer. I don’t know any Manzoor Khilgi. I have a guy who works in my office with same name but he is Manzoor Mustafa…

  26. Asif javed says:

    Yes, i was taking about YOU. His face resembles YOU. Now he is in Japan for his PHD. Thanks.

  27. Abdul Nasir says:

    Hi all
    I am working in Saudi Arabia and want to take admission in MIT. I will appriciate you for your good advise about taking admission in VU.

  28. Asif javed says:

    Dear Abdul Nasir, visit vu.edu.pk and apply online. procedure is not difficult.

  29. masoom says:

    yeha u r right

  30. Ahsan Amin says:


    I am a newly joined BBA student at VU. I was reading useful student comments here so though to add something my own here. Actually i wanted to take admission in MBA but i have done BCS from some non hec recognised college few year back so that’s why took admission in BBA. According to my experience, here in technology field, one who can prove that he is the real one can get the job here in pakistan as well as abroad on the basis of his skills and experience even if he does not has the degree. There is no doube that top employer chose to hire the competent graduates/post graduates specially from LUMS, IBA, GIK etc. and this is a true delima that VU student may face difficulty in this regard.

    Best Regards,

    Ahsan Amin

  31. Adeel Khalid says:

    Aslaam O Alykum . Oye yaaro aik min yaar aik min …. I have read much my dear 🙂 plz plz now let me ask some one of you … im really confused hahhaa one guy wrote here if some body not able to get admission any where he or she can get admission through VU… very sad im going to take admission but is baat nay tu mujay hilla k rekh dia hai hahahaa….

    anyways koi banda hai yaan bandi ??? plz i need online help chat help counter question, any body can join me

    by the way im working in saudi arabia in alcatel lucent.
    waiting for someone add me and just send introduction by offline msg at my id.

  32. Asif javed says:

    @Adeel Khalid
    Let me first introduce myself. i have recently completed my BS(CS) degree from VU.
    its not a problem that every body can take admission at VU. VU aim is to provide world class education at your door step. then its the responsiblity of a student to improve as VU not only gives the admission but provide a systematic way to get improve your skills. And please tell me what is harm in giving admission to anyone for graduate or masters programs if he/she can fulfill the requirements. Every one should get a chance to improve the educational skills and believe me VU is the best University for this purpose. In other universities a poor student can’t get admission.

    Secondly the excellence is to take an average (or low ) class student and teach him in a way so that he/she can become high class student or professional: VU is exactly doing this right thing. it is not excellence to only give admission to the students who have got first division in all academic programs like LUMS and other institutes do. Think logically why do they do like that. let’s dicuss it: They give admission to only such students as every A or B grade student will cover all the educational contents as he/she has habit to do so (work hard). Do you think its excellence..? i already told above VU is excellent because its (also) takes an average (or low ) class student and teach him in a way so that he/she can become high class student or professional. Thanks to VU educational system. The world especially Pakistan needs this educational system. If you have questions then please write here numberwise so that other students can read them.

  33. Rizwan Ahmed says:

    Wow what a nice topic to discuss.

    I have also done graduation from VU and without any doubt I can say that the standard of studies in VU is not less than any of the top ranked universities in Pakistan.

    The top ranked teachers, the unbelievable online system (in country like Pakistan), the assignments and discussions and all VULMS facilities, the campuses and all in all the transparent and proper marking in examinations without any element of favoritism is what I like in VU.

    “Knowledge Beyond Boundaries” 😉


  34. imran rafique says:

    tell me something more about virtual university. will i be eligible for the high class universities after completing my BSCS from vu.

  35. Asif javed says:

    @imran rafique
    why not. Yes, you will be able as VU is federally charted university of pakistan.

  36. I’ve studied in VU but the thing I feel in VU that they are teaching old lectures. I admitted there in 2008, at that time they were teaching Office 2000 and now they are teaching Office 2003 while we are using Office 2010.

  37. RAHMAT HAYAT says:


  38. Asif javed says:

    In Pakistan at least 16 Pakistani universities are on the list of top 100 universities. Out of which the Virtual University has 10th rank.

  39. Ali Zaib says:

    Hi every one here,
    I know alot about VU, I am observing it from Day 1. Every thing was possible because of Dr Naveed Malik, a great man. though I am not VU students. but one who would complaint about VU is either a lazy student of VU or know nothing about VU.
    The only problem I feel VU can have is on campus teachers. I think VU should decrease the number of campuses in a city. Just one campus per city. this will keep students together and will make an environment of competition. perhaps it could change the environment of VU from Virtual to physical.
    Anyways I want to do MS from VU in software engineering but I am worried because there is very little info available about MS Program. just the course content and fees. I would like to know what reasearch are going on by MS students and If i can research in my favourit area of AI, DataMining, DataWareHousing or not. Will I have teachers/supervisor available if I want to reasearch in that area.

  40. kahan say shoro karoon.i have done my BSIT from gr8 vu now i am doing MBA from vu …………is lie nahi k muje mazeed parrhai ki zaroorat hai balkay is lei k muje vu say from then very first day say hi mohabat hai jub mein nay B
    S mein vu mein admission lia……….

    aur log heran hoon gay aur yakeen nai karein gay k aik university say kesay mohabat ho sakti hai mohabat tuo insanoon say hoti hai……….lekin yeh hakeekat hai k muje vu bot bot bot achi lugti hai aur jahan bi vu ki koi khabar milay news paper mein ya TV ya kahein bi vu k teachers ka pata chaly meri try yehi hoti hai k in sya zaroor miloon aur dekho aur vu k baray mein ne
    s parron………..i really like vu

  41. i really love vu but was disappointed when no teacher no rector no registrar shake hand with us and even a single snap …………with us……….but phir bi i love vu my gr8

  42. Asif javed says:

    @Ali Zaib
    i am also planning to do MS in software engg. from VU. i have done BS(CS) from VU as well.
    As far as i know about MS program:
    1) you will have to clear GAT test.
    2) Admissions are open only once a year(fall semester). Next fall semester is going to start on September 20, 2010.
    3) Only home campuses provide MS degree.
    Call R&D Department 0423-7585619 And talk to Sir Abdul Basit or Sir Salman or Sir Hasnain for having information MS degree.

  43. Asad says:

    Any ONE give more information regarding nts(GAT TEST)Any person who appear for this test and pass this test please share his/her experience.

  44. Asif javed says:

    i have passed out the Genterl GAT-C. Follow the following link about the schedule and other informatin regarding your question.

  45. Asif javed says:

    Sorry i forgot to paste the link. it is:

  46. Ali Zaib says:

    @: Asif Javed

    thanks for sharing these info. but I already know whats give on the website. I met hasnain and salman of shadman campus, had a discussion with them over MS program and decided not to take admission in MS.
    My decision is based on fact that VU dont have her own faculty for MS Students. I want a research oriented MS. not just coursework. because I am already through those lectures for MS.
    For my MS the research project is of importance and I dont wanna waste my time. if I have to choose project/research myself and supervise myself then why to take admission in MS. In private sector your degree has no importance but your skills have.
    for BS students my advice is to register themselves in main campuses of VU. Environment matters for undergraduates. as Pakistani undergraduates can never be self learner. so be there in Main campuses where you can have environment for study and competition.
    or get admission in any university and follow VU video lectures.

  47. Asif javed says:

    @Ali Zaib
    Thanks Ali Zaib. i also accept that private campuses of VU are not fine. VU should take special care of those students who are enrolled in private campuses. Still i am confused to take admission at VU or not for MS prlgram. But what i want is to make contact of any VU student enrolled in MS program so that i may get some information about the enviroment that VU provides to MS student. i want to get the answers of the following questions.

    1) what do that student suggests: to take admission or find another university.
    2) Is there any regular classroom enviroment?
    3) is there any supervisor or tutor present during the lectures.
    4) Is there any supervisor assigned for thesis and who is that supervisor: from any other University or from VU faculty.
    5) what is the mode of interaction with the supervisor: online or face to face.
    6) is campus saturday off.

    moreover you also said that “My decision is based on fact that VU dont have her own faculty for MS Students”. Then please tell me how students complete their research/thesis. And please tell me the contact details of any VU student enrolled in MS program. Thanks.

  48. Asad says:

    Thanks Asif for your reply and providing me a link of nts site(i already know about this site).Asif you use dogars sons book for preparation of GAT C or any other book(if any other book then plz mention its name).Test is difficult or easy?Please share ur own experience regarding test.


  49. Ali Zaib says:

    @Asif Javid:
    Let me summerise my findings VU MS Program.
    In my opinion Course Work is not of much importance in MS. You can watch/follow VU lectures+assignment for MS by your own. The most important thing is research/thesis and your supervisor.
    1. VU dont have her own faculty(supervisor) and when I ask a student (senior, of first MS batch which was started in 2007 I guess) about this. His answere was that students can choose supervisor from any university. Ground reality is that Supervisors in your own university most often dont superivse in the manner they should and very often they refuse. its hard to agree them, in case of owned faculty. how will one go for this option of “any professor, any university” and the verification of this fact is that no student yet has completed MS from VU(may be its not true but its what I was told).
    I think our concerns
    1. faculty for MS
    2. reducing number of campuses per city
    3. Providing on campus teachers
    should be forwarded to VU Administrators. Is there anyone in this group who can forward our concerns.
    Summery is that, atleast I wont take admission in VU MS Program.
    for contacts you can call shadman campus and talk to a guy name hasnain and Asif etc.

  50. Asad says:

    I think “COMSTAT” and “university of lahore” is better than vu(In case of MSCS).And if your cgpa is more 3.50 try in uet.

  51. Asif javed says:

    For NTS preparation, i used many books and Doger’s book as well. But Doger’s book is fine. As far as the standard of test is concerned, it is not much difficult. you should have 100% command on Algebra and Geomatery till Middle class (8th) class: Most mathematics questions include Algebra part. Build your vocublary as much as you can. Don’t forget to pratice Analytical question.

  52. Asif javed says:

    @Ali Zaib
    Thank you very much for your reply, Ali. of course owned supervisor is an issue. i don’t understand how is VU Administration satisfied from owned supervisors. I will forward your suggestions to VU Administration and will post their reply here as well. Please keep provide updated
    information about MS in future. Thanks

  53. Asad says:

    @Asif Javed
    Thank you so much for yor reply.


  54. Faisal says:

    anybody guide me about softwere engineering

  55. Asif javed says:

    your question is not clear. do you want to have definition of softwere engineering or sth else.

  56. Asif javed says:

    @Ali Zaib.
    Ali, i was away from my home for some days. i really appreciate your effort in understanding me whether to take admission to VU or not in MS(CS) program. if you please provide me the contact number(s) of hasnain and/or salman of shadman campus. Thanks in advance.

  57. Ali Zaib says:

    @Asif Javed.
    I dont have contact numbers of these guys but you can reach to them easily. get shadman campus telephone number from vu website. call it and ask the operator to to connect you to any one of these two guys.

  58. Asif javed says:

    Thanks for your cooperation. i will ask them by telophone

  59. VU is just an online version of AIOU. Both degrees are useless and just waste of time

  60. Asif javed says:

    @ Adsense Pakistani
    I totally disagree with you. I have also information about AIOU. VU is much much batter as compared to AIOU as well as better that 80% of HSC recognized Universities.

  61. someone says:

    thanks dear thanks for the article really helping me

  62. whether virtual university education is better than allama iqbal open university if yer than how?

  63. Ehsan Elahi says:

    Hi, Mehreen!

    Huuuunnnn…. Very nice job.

    I’m a Virtualian too.

    But by the way, can I know how did you conducted your research?
    Can you please give me your research documents. I want to have a look at them (I mean, I am interested in reading them).

  64. farhan abbas says:

    well written and nicely presented which makes it more attractive..nice effort…. keep the good work up…

  65. NASIR says:


    Dear Friends,
    I am facing a question in my mind. kindly help me out.

    I have done 4 years BS. Telecommunication Engineering degree from UET lahore. and nowadays i am doing Job in a software house as a NETWORK ENGINEER. in this FALL Semester, i have taken admission in VU in MASTER OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (MIT) degree, which is 2 yrs program of 72 crd hours.

    i have a question that :

    1) is this MIT degree of VU is same alike to any MS/MSc./Master program degree of any other field ?
    2) can i do PHD in IT field after MIT from VU ?
    3) ALL universities offer master course named as MSc / MS ( Master of Science ) in ___________(any field) , but VU is offering MASTER OF ____(any field), whats the difference ?

    please help me out… as i have total 16 yrs education. so should i go for this MIT degree or just stop it.
    someone told me that that MIT from VU is equivalent to BS degree. and MIT is for 2 yr Bachelor degree holder only.

    please help me out…

    thank you

  66. NASIR says:

    @Asif javed

    if MSCS is the only MASTER degtree progrram.. then the MIT and MCS is what ?
    are they Bachelor level program or what..

    degree name is MASTER OF IT …. MASTER OF CS..

    are these degrees are MASTER DEGree or bachelor equavalent degree..

    plz help me

  67. Rahan says:

    Hello guys …Plz help M… I am in Saudi Arabia.Want to get admission. Is ther any campus in saudi arabia Dammam or anywhere else. Can i get admission right now in the mid of semester… Plz give m response .. waiting Thank u

  68. ASAD says:

    You have already 16 years education than go for MSCS.MIT in vu is for those students who have 14 year education means two years BSC then two years MIT.MSCS is equal to 18 year education.To take admission in MSCS first give NTS GAT GENERAL TEST after scoring 50% marks apply in MSCS/MPHIL.MIT from VU is equal to 16 year education.


  69. Jalil says:

    Excuse me bothers, i have a couple of questions, i am currently working in UAE, i want to take admission in MIT, will it be possible for me to study there? i mean do they have any campus here (Sharjah) or online learning and via DVD’s and stuff will be the learning way?
    Second question is about the time for study, assignments etc, i mean daily 1 or 2 hours will be enough for study or it requires more handwork (i am an average learner)i am asking this because of my very busy schedule
    Answer from any VU student, particularly MIT student will be appreciated


  70. Asif javed says:

    please drop a call to VU campus lahore. the phone number is: 04299293113. Dial zero(0) and talk to operator. he will divert the call to the concerned department. i want to request you that please don’t publish your name as “Jalil” instead Abdul Jalil. As Jalil is one of the name of ALLAH. Thanks.

  71. pari says:

    i want 2 correct some people who said dat the staff of vu is rude n mannerless and the result is announced very late bcoz its all rbish.I want 2 tell everyone dt the staff is very cool n nyc n the result is also announced very earlier app. with in 1 week.

  72. Haris says:

    Any body know about grading scheme of MSCS in vu?

  73. yasir says:


    No result is not announced within one week in vu it takes one month or more.
    And it is truth that VU staff is mannerless and rude specially people of main head off at raiwind lahore they dont have manners how to speak with students.They really deserve communication skill courses.VU should give them training how to talk with students.
    But instructors and rector of Vu are nice.

  74. ZAHOOR says:


  75. Mubashir Zaman says:

    Dear sir.
    I complete BS(IT) Hons from Peshawar AUP Pakistan. I am Pakistani and working as software engineer in Dubai. Now I want to take admission in MS IT program in VU of Pakistan. Sir tell me there is any way for online classes from Dubai or VU university having some branch in Dubai for overseas students.
    Mubashir Zaman.

  76. waheed says:

    @Mubashir Zaman

    VU offer MSCS after four year graduation only in seven cities of pakistan Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar,Multan,Gujranwala and Sialkot.

  77. Asif javed says:

    i graducated from VU, now i m student of MSCS. First i got admission to International Islamic university in MSSE(MS in softeare engineering) but left due to the following reasons:

    1) no course outline: dependent upon lecturer. Most of the universities don’t have proper course outline, if they have then they don’t follow it.
    2) Lecturer came almost late and left the class before time.
    3) no skillfull lecturers are there.
    4) no satisfactory answer by the lecturer.

    one of the major problem of face to face semester system education is that of favourtism.

    i prefer VU education system as:

    1) there is no favourtism.
    2) HEC developed course outline

  78. ZAHOOR says:

    @Asif javed
    At MS Level in every university you have to done all the work yourself. But in BS you cant do it by itself but in VU at BS stage you will work itself.

  79. kashif says:

    hi all,
    i am doing m i t from vu.i am pretty satisfied with the lectures,altough these lectures are very old,but in my opinion in the past 10 years the scientists have nothing invented new.all new things are just new colors on the books cover with some more colors in it.but the fact is the base is still the origin.
    if some one can tell me the huge diffence between office 2000 and office 2007.i don’t think so if there is any new thing beside some more utilities.same is for php and sql.
    so i think if anyone want to get the excellence he should know his work well

  80. Bilal Ahmad says:

    As salam o alaikum,
    I have read all the discussion at the top and the bottom.I am also a student of MBA final semester. I am also working as a manager at a CNG station in Arifwala.I can not affrod to study abroad and in big cities for higher studies.There is only university campus in my city of VU.If there will not be vu, then i will have to face a lot of problems in my studies.
    jab mn america ja nahi skta to kyn mn VU ko bura khon. Mn ne MBA mn he para hay k premimum price ka matlab hota hay k cheez achi hay , quality wali hay. Premium price ka matlab hay k cheez ki qeemat zyada rakho. VU ki fee kam hay, sirf issi liye ye hm ko achi nhi lagti aur banda apney city mn he study krta hay. Log lahore and america ja kr larkion se love k paich dalna aur sham ko film dekhney jana acha samajty hn.
    Parhai ka wahad maqsad job krna hota hay. Rhai baat pakistan ki to yhan kai UET se master hair cutter hn aur koi middle pass MNA. Pakistan mn jis ka da lagay, wohi kamyab hay.Mn FA krny k bad se CNG station pr manager ki job kr raha hon.Qualities God gifted hoti hn, university gifted nhi hoti.Ye to sirf nikhar k liye hoti hn.
    Main F.A krney k bad se CNG station pr manager hon. Aur MBA to mn ab kr raha hon.Log kam dekhty hn, degree to bas logon ko short list krney k liye hoti hay.Mera aik dost arifwla mn hi national bank se 25000 salary le raha hay.B.A third divison mn kiya hay aur ab VU se MBA b kr raha hy.
    Dil kisi ne nhi harna, kbi achi cheez ka nhi sochty.jo aasani se mill jaye, usi pr qnaat krna chahiye.Aur VU se stury kr k aap ko koi b computer course krny ki zroorat nhi hay.aap computer aur typing k master ban jatey ho, aur syaney khty hn, aur kutch nhi to computer course hi kr lo,,aan wala dor te cputer da wa.
    VU pakistan ki govt. ka registered institute hay aur HEC se recognized b hay. Aap ko koi job krni ho to terms yhi hoti han k number ya cgpa itna ho, aur HEC se recognized university se para ho. Zardari sahib is k chanceller hn aur un ki hakoomat k hotey huey, hmain apmi soch positive rakhni chahiye.
    At the end i once again want to mention you that do not think to study in such universities and colleges, about which you think after watching the dramas of star plus or zee tv. You should stuy at ur home or even at your city.

  81. Ali Afzal says:

    @ Asif Javed, I have also passed BSIT from VU. I think its good university. Now i want to take admission in MSCS. Please give me suggestion whether to take admission in VU or some other university. And is method of education is same for ms as is for bs.

  82. Kamran says:

    No doubt there are some constraints in online learning but i believe that vu is a blessing for those who are job holders and want to study.

  83. LatinaMuslimina says:

    Well, sad news I can not attend VU, I need to be near a testing facility and speak and understand urdu. :/ I guess I can begin to learn and move to Pakistan. You all have a wonderful opportunity there. Here in the USA a university education is outrageously expensive. Blessings to all of you.

  84. xman says:

    Virtual university is like a silent revolution, making quality education affordable at your doorstep. You will start seeing its true benefits over a 30 year time frame. The quality of lectures, and the whole education experience is far better than almost all physical campus universities of Pakistan. NUST, UET, FAST, and to some extent even LUMs cannot compare to the quality of education you get from VU. I have had the opportunity to learn at all of these universities and can say from experience.


    -Quality education under a standardized process. You are guaranteed full 40-45 hours learning, contrary to physical universities, where professors waste time in classes.
    -Complete course outline is covered, nothing is missed, and no selective studies
    -Time is not wasted in commuting to and from university
    -VU processes and student services are very simple, fast and world class, much better than slow bureaucratic process of physical university. You can do everything online , with just a few clicks and response time is remarkable. It is guaranteed that someone will service your request as soon as possible.
    -You can make your own course outline, and only study subjects that you have interest in, not wasting time in things which you neither have interest in, nor matter in real life.
    – You can use lectures from VU to compliment your studies if you are studying at a formal campus university. You can learn more from 1 hour watching a VU lecture than reading a book for 5 hours.

    -Image problem. In Pakistan people go to universities not for learning, but to earn a branded degree. Unfortunately, this brand image mindset was bequeathed to us from the 1st and 2nd under-educated, status conscious generation of Pakistan. But branding is inevitable, and VU can choose to make its degree recognized in marketplace. VU has done some good work by forming dedicated job portals, however alumni network should be strong as well. But, people who come to VU is not because of its brand, but because of the learning opportunities that it provides.
    -Lack of visibility. There isn’t much fanfare associated with VU, therefore it hardly gets noticed. It’s a comparatively new university and not much research activity is happening there right now. In time, this will also change.
    -Limited physical collaboration. Going to universities is important because you meet new people, and form new relationships which are important later in life. Since VU students work in isolation, with the exception of job boards that lack real time interaction, the social structure is different here.
    -Admission is not competitive. This means not only the best and brightest get in. This is however a marginal issue because the goal of VU is to make education affordable to maximum people, which in the bigger context is much important for the country.

    By and large, VU is a blessing for Pakistan, and I would encourage students and professional alike to reap maximum benefits that you have here being a Pakistani. Trust me not many distance learning programs, not even in West provide the richness of learning experience, and quality content as VU does.

    Some people have complained about VU students not getting job. Well jobs have no correlation with VU education. Jobs are related to economy, and for example in slow economy graduates from even prestigious institutions struggle to get jobs, and in a growing economy even poorly educated manage to find some way to earn a living. You cant put the whole burden of your livelihood on VU. It’s responsible for just providing quality and world class education to people, which it is doing. Nowhere does VU claim to get you good jobs. VU is doing a good job in creating a culture of knowledge in Pakistan, so that 3rd and 4th generation of Pakistan, has a different mindset from 1st and 2nd generation.

    10 years is not a long time in VU history, as it still has a long day to go, and VU is one of those privileges you enjoy being a Pakistani.

  85. AyazAhmed says:


    First of all i would like to appreciate Mehreen for providing an in-depth and accurate analysis about VU. It is really a nice effort to bring awareness among the people who mostly go after word of mouth to make a judgement instead of discovering the facts for themselves. I have also graduated from VU (BBA) while doing a job, and i’m grateful to VU for this because otherwise i would never be able to join any other university due to job and time constraints. VU made it possible to me to get a higher degree and now i am working as a Financial analyst in a multinational financial services firm in Pakistan along with MBA colleagues from other top notch universities. And believe me i don’t feel myself lesser than them in any respect and in fact sometimes better and confident that those guys in many ways, including knowledge, concepts and other areas of work and I must pay due credit to VU for all this.
    So i would like to advise to all my friends that if you have time and resources to join a top university, then certainly go for it. But if it is not the case, then VU is by all means an excellent option, provided that you are willing and serious to get knowledge and skills, because in the market it is your knowledge and skill set which is going to count and if you prove urself capable enough for a certain job, then u r surely going to get it, regardless of the institution u got ur degree from. All what is required is the universty must be HEC recognized and have a good ranking, and VU fulfills these requirements very well. So in the end it is YOU who matters. Best of luck!!

  86. Anonmous says:

    I am so glad that lot of the above students had a perfect experience studying in VU…I was also inspired by the great experience of my dad…but I think that VU is providing not even a single attention to the problems faced by the overseas students…we are paying triple the money than locals are paying but still we get no security…my personal opinion is that they are only good at blocking papers…they should provide us examination halls to avoid mishaps…if we are living outside the country that doesn’t proves that we are laying on the sacks of money…our fathers are working strictly hard to earn and pay our fees…university is not paying us for the connections, nor for the examination halls, nor paying our bills for the electricity consumed by the system…just taking money for the right to login to the LMS…400$ is not something that you find under your pillow when you wake up in the morning…they have to amend their regulations and provide some facilities to the students actually paying…I personally don’t recommend this university for the overseas students…GOOD LUCK

  87. nome says:

    aoa, Vu costs around 3500-4000 a month when i did MBA a year ago. it includes 2000 monthly fee , 1500 for DSL connection and 500 miscellaneous.
    others may find it more for them.
    VU doesnt pay for electricity bill or else anywhere, nor inside country neither abroad.
    it is a thumb rule across the globe that all universities charge more to outsiders than local ones.
    if you are so fed up of VU u can join any other university or come to pakistan and enjoy the less fee facility, which is off course not easy to pay for local students.

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