Ant Colony Optimization Techniques (ACO) for Digital Security

The internet is a hotbed of malware and viruses and new securities have to be constantly evolved to counter the constantly evolving threats to digital security. The newest technique created is based on ants where the behavior of ants in a colony is mimicked in the virtual world to make security programs that are unbeatable or at least extremely secure.

In this innovative method, so called “digital ants” are programmed to play the same role that a real ant does. These ants survey the systems which they protect and once they detect any problem caused by a virus the concentration of ants in that sector of the system software is increased and this leads to the problem being solved in a very short period of time. The ants go to work on the malicious code known as Trojan horses or more commonly known as computer worms. The ants are localized on the spot when they detect an infraction by the malicious code and they go to work on the problem. The ant population is proportional to the severity of the attack and until the problem dies down the fixing continues. But if the attack cannot be completed then human help is at hand since attention would be drawn to the problem.

Swarm Intelligence is the branch of study that deals with many different inputs being analyzed to provide solutions for a problem at hand or to monitor situations. ACO comes under this branch.

Conceptually based on nature, this method is proving to be successful in digital security systems since it deals with an idea that already exists and works perfectly in the real world of the ants when they defend their colony against outside attack.

Experts in Computer Science say that the behavior of ants is best suited for providing security and resuming normal activity once the damage control is done.

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