Mobile Users Facing Serious Problems- Resubmission of Indemnity Undertaking Forms

Hundreds of mobile phone users are facing severe problems while submitting the indemnity undertaking forms of mobile phone companies at their respective. Flaws in the franchise system of cellular phone companies operating in the country as thousands of SIM numbers have been issued on fake national identity card. mobile users have shockingly come to know that their copies of their ID cards have been used illegally millions for the issuance of SIMs by the mobile phone companies and these users will have to renounce all those SIMs which they choose as not theirs, through a form submission at various companies CSCs or franchises.

Many affected people in the world have lodged their complaints about the corrupt practice at some franchise centers of the mobile phone companies in the region. The information system has been introduced by the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Informed sources in PTA told Business Recorder on Friday that cell-phone companies registered thousands of unverified SIMs rather than getting them blocked and are using them to sell to whoever is willing to pay the price. This is dangerous under the present law and order situation in the country, they added.

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If the PTA did not take immediate action, most of the people would be booked in cases of terrorism,’ an affected person told this scribe. Another subscriber said that after introduction of the SIM information system, many people found that the franchise centers of mobile phone companies had misused their identity cards by issuing SIMs to unknown people, Those who committed such a serious crime should be taken to task,’ he said and added that he had submitted his national identity card with a franchise centre which had allegedly issued 22 SIMs: three Mobil ink, nine Warid, two Zong, five Telenor and three of U-phone.

However, he said that he had purchased only five SIMs of various companies. During conversation with the form submitters, they said that they were unaware that their ID cards have wrongly been used and now they want to weed out the SIMs issued in violation of the companies’ privacy rules. There are certain rules followed by the mobile phones and SIM card companies just to make sure that the desired material goes to the right person for that they ask people to submit their id card proofs. But as a result there ID card proofs are been misused by people with the dirty intentions in the whole world.

This is such a gross negligence on behalf of the company, which is causing mental disturbance and tension to a loyal customer, who has been with company, Id cards like Drivers’ licenses are already being used to identify and sometimes monitor driving related crimes in the United States. The data and other information regarding the individual can be accessed by most government with high clearance like crime labs and police departments. Which is a totally illegal act which should be taking under consideration by the government? People reacting on this host of people say that cellular companies are issuing a number of SIM cards under their ID card numbers to other people without informing them.

Cellular companies are just out to make money and issuing SIMs without verifying the identity of a person, who produces fake documents for getting connection, the Daily Times quoted them, as saying. Cell phone companies should take savior steps in order to stop all this illegal action though the world.

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