Research on Computer-Related Injuries

Anyone who uses computer long term, they are always under the hazards of back pain, blurred vision and mouse related injuries. This is increasing very rapidly and there has been lots of research. A recent study which was published in July 2009 from American Journal or Preventive Medicine, where many researchers from Center for Injury Research and Policy and the Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University College of Medicine, have concluded that they have found many case related to computer injuries like head injuries die to computer monitor falls, tripping over computer wires, components and many other physical accidents which case minor to serious injuries.

Computer Related Injuries

Data collected from National Electronic Injury Surveillance System shows that there were more than 78, 000 cases related to computer related injuries. These injuries took place between 1994 and 2006 and were treated in U.S. emergency departments. The study showed that such injuries (Approximately 93%) were occurred mostly at home which is very hard to believe. And over the period of 13 years, the research shows that such injuries have increased by 732%. And it is very shocking because that figure is two times the increase of computers in household which is just 309%.

Many injuries like hitting against computer equipments, tripping through wires or falling over computer equipment, computer falling and hitting the patient on the top, straining muscles and joints, and many others. Out of those injuries cases, the most injuries came from monitor related. A record shows that such injuries have increased notably.  It was just 11.6% back in 2004 but in 2003 it increased to 37.1%. But in 2006, the rate of monitor related injuries have decreased to 25.1%, and it is due o replacement of CRT monitors by LCD monitors.

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    nice article. informative

  2. hamna says:

    thats true. ppl who use computer daily n for long hours tend to face many problems.

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