Simulation of Water Sounds by Computer Scientists

Scientists at Cornell University in the Department of Computer Science have discovered an algorithm which can synthesize the sound of water flowing. Until now the methods used to accurately reproduce the sounds made by water have been incomplete since there are situations where the complexity of predicting the sounds which would occur for a particular event is extremely computationally intensive and hence inefficient as a result

But now, Doug James an associate professor of computer science along with Changxi Zhen who is a research student in the area of sound synthesis contained in the Human Centered Computing Program are filling up sounds which were previously missing in the sound synthesis of water. This program is headed by Associate professor James, Kavita Bala and Steve Marschner who is the assistant professor and associate professor respectively at Cornell University. It is funded by a $1.2 million grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF). This is considered the first step to matching the images to their appropriate sounds.

Simulate the Sounds of Water

The Foley artists who have the job of adding the sounds to the movie sets later on after the filming is done will find this technique being developed very useful. The major focus is Computer animated movies, but almost any movie will need these effects added on. Nowadays not many variations of sound are available due the limitations of current sound production facilities but with this technology records can be cued to fit the event shown on screen.

Sounds which are natural such as clapping hands, sound of the wind in trees and glass smashing on the floor need such an intricate algorithm to compute the sounds without much difference from the actual sound.

Not only such sounds, even random sounds like breaking glass, egg shells breaking, cracking objects, etc can be more accurately produced in the sound labs hence creating the ground work for more immersive virtual reality systems, movies and games.

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