Stolen Artifacts on Ebay

eBay the online site has redefined the way ancient artifacts are being sold on the internet.

In a revealing bit of information, Charles “Chip” Stanish an archaeologist from UCLA was taken aback when he found the brisk trade of artifacts being trafficked across international boundaries. This was mentioned by him in the magazine of Archeology, May issue in an article he has written.

eBay being the marketplace of the online world has transformed into a hotbed for these “rare” artifacts, since it was not rare to find stolen objects on the site and even fake ones.

In fact, even thought the internet has innumerable advantages for us, countries where artifacts are found continually like China, Egypt, Mexico and Peru are duplicating them and marketing them as originals. Hence it is quite risky to buy artifacts at eBay due to such rampant practices.

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Chip explains that by tracking such items it was found that villagers were engaged in making such articles and selling them to those members on eBay who had contact with them and who would resell them at much higher rates to the online buyers. The only foolproof way to detect such objects was to perform the thermo luminescence test which involved taking a tiny sample of the pottery to analyze. Since the warranty demands that the artifact should not be damaged in any way whatsoever and since the testing of the artifact comes under damage, the warranty lies void just by checking the veracity of the object.

Hence new ways to detect the antiques are available such as laser testing and chemical testing but they cost a bit of money. However authentication is possible but this causes damage to the artifact thereby making the authentication process useless. One can only hope for a better future for artifact trading online.

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