Their Trash is Other’s Treasure

What happens to the computers discarded by the Americans? They recycle them don’t they? Well according to a study conducted by Ramzy Kahhat and Eric Williams focused on the situation in Peru where computers that arrive to be “recycled” often end up as second hand systems that are being used by the people of Peru.

This Wikimedia Commons study shows that these computers are being reused at possibly many countries but the first in the list is Peru.

Reports shown in the semi-monthly journal Environmental Science & Technology back up the view taken by the Wikimedia Commons study. The good thing about these findings is that the earlier fears that recycling these computers at developing countries would cause harm to the local people there, have been dispelled since they are being reused. Thus there is the double advantage of pollution being avoided and also cheap access to computers being provided to these people.

Used Computers

And the numbers from the Peruvian governments’ database suggest that almost 85 Percent of computers being imported into Peru are being reused. And the US comprises 76 percent of used computer parts entering the Peruvian market for the five year period from 2003-2007.

If this is the case with small countries like Peru then it remains to be seen to what extent such practises are prevalent in countries like India and China which are much larger both in terms of people and the number off computers used by them.

In the study three main points are looked at which are:

  • What the percent of reuse of computers among those that should be recycled? The social and environmental effects are seen from these numbers.
  • The presence of Home grown recycling systems prevalent in such developing countries are studied to be of practical use in the developed countries. This is because such re usage results in lower computer ownership costs.
  • The phenomenon of reverse supply chains are seen through this process and the importance of this should not be overlooked.

Hence valuable data is analysed from this study for the benefit of all.

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