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Nobody can run away from the past. In today’s massively online network through computer, it is literally impossible to dump the past behind anymore. Social networking sites like Facebook where people posts pictures can pop up during a job interview and can make a difference overall changing one’s perspective. And that is not all; a legal investigation can dig the whole contents that are in computers from home or office which leads to uncover many details which may be incrimination and very inconvenient which could be very embarrassing sometime when someone gets those private information from the computers.

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Now to avoid those unexpected encounter, the University of Washington has created a solution which can help such information to expire after putting up a certain period of time. Private details like emails, Facebook posts and chat messages do not exist because now they are automatically self destructed and totally impossible to retrieve from any websites including inboxes, outboxes and from personal computers. This is very impressive as even senders could retrieve that information if they want to.

Internet can be a very scary place, and if you are talking about the privacy, it could be like hell. A Scientist Tadayoshi Kohno, explains how internet is not very safe when we are dealing with private information. He continues how it is needed for people to understand the how and where emails are stored just because they will become more careful or maybe use very less than before.

So in order to feel safe in the internet, the researchers at UW computer have developed a system called Vanish. When anyone puts up private files through websites, that prototype can set a time limit which will destroy those information erasing the possibility of invasion from the bad guys. This project goes public today and the researcher will have a presentation at Usenix Security Symposium from August 10th to 14th in Montreal.

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