Unlocking the Deficiency of the Search Engine Ranking

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t Google something. These powerful search engine sites are the key that unlocks all that the internet has to offer. While there are millions of sites added to the web every day, the importance of these search engines has risen dramatically. The portal to the information highway is just a few clicks away as we navigate a subject using just a few keywords. As a business with a website, you probably realize the importance of grabbing these searchers and getting them to your site. The only way this is possible is by getting your website to rank high among the thousands of other websites that can be found in just one search.  With this goal being so obviously important to businesses, it has lead to webmasters “cheating” the search engine and getting their website to post high on the search findings. A search engine is, by design, supposed to be free of human persuasion and simply be based on certain things it is looking for to find the sites that are most relevant to your search.

Your big search engines like Google do their best to stay free of human persuasion in their searches. The methods with which these search engines determine a site’s ranking is kept very secret, but because of this, there are always people trying to best the engine and find out all its secrets. Once the engines method is found, a webmaster can tweak a site to soar up in the rankings. This takes the concept of a truly bias free search and throws it out the window. These sites are now, in essence, self-ranked or picked by humans with a very human stake in the way a site ranks.


While there may not be a perfect way to solve this problem, one can see the benefits of deriving a system of ranking from a human directive. If a search took in to account the independent website reviews as well as how humans rank the site, when determining your top ten, twenty or a hundred sites, then you might be able to come up with the most completely relevant search on the internet. By categorizing websites according to their reviews, you would be able to find the information that is most relevant to what you are searching for.  If the sites were reviewed by a panel of people without any personal stake in who or what made it to the top, then your search results would finally be free of any commercial bias and end up being much more refined to the subject that you are searching for.

As long as the internet is such a vital tool to our economy, there will be a certain amount of commercial influence that is desired on the web. By choosing a search engine design that combines human reviews and rankings with some old fashioned keyword searching, we may come up with the best answer for everyone.

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