A Brief History of Technology

We all know the word ‘Technology’ but many of us don’t know the history of technology. The origin of technology starts from the begining of mankind when they invented kill preys, knives and other tools either to kill or to survive. With the passage of time, it flourished and today we see a lot of devices, tools etc. which are the result of modern technology.


All ages – Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron age, Age of Ancient Civilizations, Middle age – contributed a lot in modern technology. Also Muslim Agricultural Revolution, Renaissance Period, Age of Exploration, Industrial Revolution,The 19th and 20th Centuries had a lot to develop technology. Especially, a lot of improvement and research was being conducted in 19th and 20th centuries and many helpful inventions were being developed in that time which include telephone, mobile phone, computers etc etc.

You can read more about history of technology here. There you will also find history of different things which I am sure will be a great help for you all.

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