Owner of the Lost SIM has to Talk Over Phone to Block it: Ufone Reveals

It just happens to me today and I thought to share it with you. I don’t know it’s a blunder by Ufone Rep or it’s true. I need to find it out.

Anyways story goes like this, I lost my mobile few days back and I (unfortunately) happen to be a Ufone customer. After loosing my mobile the first move was to get my SIM blocked. So, for that matter I called Ufone help line. After telling the Ufone Rep the whole story I asked him how to get my SIM blocked? He asked for my lost SIM number and my name. I told him my number and my full name and also informed him that the SIM is on my father’s name. My father bought it for me so it’s on his name. He said he want to talk to my father. I said he is not available right now as he is out of country for sometime. He told me that he can’t block my number because it’s in Ufone policy that the owner of the SIM must talk to Ufone Rep to get it blocked (Dhaaaa!!!).


I told him that my father is not around and it will take him sometime to come back, meanwhile I can give you his ID card no. Even then he said he can’t help me in his regard and SIM can’t be blocked. You can ask your father to contact us from anywhere on our universal access number. Then I asked him is there any other way to get my SIM blocked? He said, you can go to the franchise and ask them. May be they can help you (he was still of the opinion that they can’t help me and SIM can’t be blocked as it’s the Ufone policy that the SIM owner should talk to the Rep). I was wondering, what if someone else talks over phone and claims that he is the owner of SIM who in fact is not the real-real owner of the SIM. How is Ufone going to identify?  I am afraid what if my SIM is used for some illegal activity.

I really need to know;

  • First, who will be responsible if that SIM is misused in any kind of illegal activity?
  • Second, is it really a Policy of Ufone?

If this is so, then here is a piece advice, hire the people who can make policies which are realistic and that can facilitate customers. I do understand that security is the first priority but at the same time customer is very important for the companies because they can easily switch over to another service. Ufone has started its next year with non-supportive customer service (at least for me).

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5 Responses to "Owner of the Lost SIM has to Talk Over Phone to Block it: Ufone Reveals"

  1. Tasadduq says:

    Why don’t you just pretend to be your own father and tell them the Name of your father (Instead of your own) and his NIC number. That should do the job IMO :::

  2. Mehreen says:

    well tassaduq, thanx for advice but unfortunately i m a girl with a girl voice. so can’t help it.

  3. Tasadduq says:

    I hope you are not an only child of your parents and your brother could do the job for you 😉

    Seriously, it isn’t a big issue, any relative could get the SIM blocked for you OR visit Ufone’s service center and see what they have to say.

  4. Mehreen says:

    That’s what I plan to do. Thank you anyways.

  5. kashif says:

    hi mehrrren u gotta do wrong becz if u tell some other causan and tell him that tell to the help line that this sim is on my name and u show your adress and name and also last 3 or 5 number that u dial in last 10 days or one month hope sim will be blocked.

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