PTCL Broadband Ends Up Student Packages Over 1 MB

PTCL offers 30% discount on broadband service to students of selected educational institutions. The offer was previously valid for all broadband packages but just after a day of introducing WiFi router, PTCL puts an end to all packages over 1MBPS. We confirmed this from PTCL help center. Most of the student package users must be angry with this move but lets just try to be realistic. 1MBPS is more than enough for any student activity. No? That’s just my opinion. I mean what do students do with 2MPBS or 4 MPBS connections?

PTCL Student

I know some people who use (now used to use) student packages for commercial purposes. Some of them are even running cyber cafes’. I think it’s a good move from PTCL as there is no need of high speed connection for students and come on, you know, you don’t need high speed connection for any student activity… it’s not about PTCL, its an global formula. Now pay full price and give some money to PTCL :).

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11 Responses to "PTCL Broadband Ends Up Student Packages Over 1 MB"

  1. Taimoor Awan says:

    All User I m Taimoor PTCL DSL User. PTCL ka DsL Service Doble Ki thi jo Dubarah Dostoh Single Kar dey hay Is per Sab Per Zur Ijtejaj Kartey hay Aur Aple karty hay kay jo service student kay ley they us pahle kay thrah rahney deyah jay 1mb Kay student User ko 2mb Dejah rahey thy student ko in shulat say mutaser keyah jahraha hay pls is per sab mil kar ijtejaj karen pls.
    Aur LinkDotnet nay yeh offer deyhoy hay Unlimited Dsl 1MB Rs.735 / 2MB Rs.1295 /4MB Rs.2625 hay Ptcl Ko bhi Isey Tahrah karnah chaye. Pls

  2. Tasadduq says:

    I’d agree with the author. Students don’t need high speed connections as all student activities could be done on 1Mbps without any problem.

    I myself know few people who have never seen any college/university in a long time and are using student package for business.

    Only thing PTCL needs to improve is their customer service and they will do just fine.

  3. SHAHZAD says:

    Why PTCL ends up students unlimited package ….plz es se kia ferq perta ha jo Businees kerne walay ha kia wo without Student package ke Business nehi kare ge es me Student ka kia kasoor ha …..I REQUEST WITH PTCL PLZ NOT END UNLIMITED STUDENT PACKAGE ….wo kia kare College\university
    Centers ka kharcha bardash karin ya phir (DSL) ka sub se zyada Students he es ko us kerte hain. plz plz plz…….

  4. junaid rahim says:

    our country is going backwards.. now they had coverted 2mb to 1mb , after few month 1 mb to 512kb , then after this 512 to 256 , then the list goes onn .. then they will say that students dnt need internet. so dial up is best for student :@

  5. Kamran says:

    Assalam Alaikum

    PTCL ko 2mb or 4mb ka student package khatam nahi karna chahye tha kyo k mein student hon or meray ko internet par online lectures sunnay hotay hein 2mb par mein continue 2 lecture sun leta tha 1 lecture jo k buffer karwa kar 10-14% woh sunta rehta tha or 2nd lecture ko background mein buffering par laga deta tha jitni dair mein 1ghantay ka 1st lecture end hota tha to mein foran 2nd wala sun leta tha or 3rd ko buffering par laga leta tha, or dosri bat yeh hai k 1mb par ptcl ki uploading 20KB mushkil say ati hai jo humaray lye boat pareshani ka bais hai kyo k agar humein apna koi project upload karna hai to us mein 1 file ko 2-3 bar upload karwana parta tha tub woh 1 bar mushkil say hoti thi or bohat late.

    Agar PTCL say student package islye khatam kara hai k log is ko lagwa kar sharing karwa rahay thay connection to yeh bat 100% ghalat hai PTCL ki, kyo k har insan Aata khata hai or Aata khanay k lye agar woh 2pesay PTCL k us profit mein say kama lay jo k zarorat say ziada hai to koi buri bat nahi hai.

    Meri PTCL ko mashwara do ga jis par unhein amal to karna nahi hai kyo k yeh sub wohi log hain jo apnay Mehalaat mein beth kar apnay dwring room mein beth kar faislay kar letay hein. In ko chahye k yeh 1 or package nikalein or woh package Usage par ho, Yani K Aap jitnay Hours Use Karein gay utna hi Bill Aye ga, sirf is package mein yeh karein yeh k jo yeh apnay thakyal china ki quality say bhi giray howay ADSL Modem free mein Day kar apna ehsan jata rahay hein woh Free Mein dena bund kar dein or Rs.200 Modem Rent bhi Minus karein is Package mein say.

    Or Yeh Sub Karein Ya Na Karein Kamaz Kum Apni Main Lines, or Poll par Lagay Hub Ko New technology Mein Change karain Phir In Ko Haq Banta Hai K Yeh Student Package Bhi Khatam Kar Dein.

  6. shahzaib says:

    junaid rahim i agree with u

  7. Khizer says:

    I agree with kamran most of us students are acustomed to watching online lectures and it makes it very difficult to watch continus lectures without delays
    so it was definitely a bad move on behalf of ptcl…

  8. kamran says:

    Assalam Alaiku, ab ptcl say student package bhi khatam kardia hai 2Mbps or 4Mbps par say lekin us k sath sath PTCL nay bandwidth bhi kum kardi hai ap din mein har 15 mint k bad speed test karein whatismyip.com say ya speedtest.net say ap k pas agar 1Mbps student ya normal package hai to maximum 0.80Mbps speed aye gi or 2Mbps par par ap k pas 1.75-1.77Mbps speed aye gi jis mein say takrebun adhi k kareb speed ap ki ptcl nay khudi kum kardi hai ab PTCL nay bhi Chor Bazari start kardi hai. Pesay Bhi Poray Loo Or Service Bhi Pori Na Do. Change your Slogon PTCL to This.

    Ainda Mein Ap ko esi information do ga or woh Prof mein aap ko baqida Legal Paper Work ki sorat mein don ga k PTCL or PTCL k mulazim kis tarha Chor Bazari Kar Rahay Hein Customers K Sath.

    Ab PTCL Nay Wifi router nikala hai jo k 54Mbps wala hai or 1 choti si USB hai us k sath, Jis ki Coverage itni hai k 1 Room mein router laga do or Dosray mein ja Kar Chalao To Aap k pas 2Mbps mein say Single User ko 888Kbps speed day ga, Is Say Acha Wirless Router to menay Karachi Say Kharida tha jo k 174Meters tak Apnay Signal Bhejta tha or 1Mbps ki speed ati thi.

  9. Attorney says:

    Smiling as i just read the comment of Junaid Raheem as he said our country is going backward. Yes junaid i’m completely agree with you as our govt wants us to concentrate on our studyies thats why they are discouraging us for using internet. :))

  10. ahmad says:

    What will do student 2mb or what! so this internet is made for education , so student time will not be wasted if the dsl download and upload is speed, so this means that the high speed is good for students, the normal person who is not student , they dont know the use of dsl so 512 kb dsl is also enough for them to watch low quality movies, and only student know about technology and know the use . thank you

  11. Hasnain says:

    hahahahaa kamran bhai pakixtan ha idhr sub kch chl t ha yr

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