PTCL WiFi Router for DSL Users – Use Broadband Anywhere Within 30 Meters Radius

PTCL now provides Wi-Fi routers to its DSL customers for an additional rental of Rs. 200/- month apart from their monthly regular charges.
Wi-Fi router will enable fixed line broadband (DSL) users to surf wireless broadband service within 30 meters radius. Other service options include the MegaPath full T1 pricing package that offers high speed connections and security options too.

To use wireless broadband, your device whether it is a Laptop, Desktop, PSP, PDA, or cell phone must have Wi-Fi facility. You can secure your connection using password to avoid any misuse.  The signals are Wi-Fi are strong enough i.e. up to 54 MBPS.


You can also request a Wi-Fi if you are existing PTCL broadband user. I have also applied for it. Customer representative told me that Wi-Fi router will be delivered within 7 working days. The good thing about the Wi-Fi router is; it supports ADSL + Wi-Fi. It has four ports available. Your old DSL modem will be taken back on the delivery of Wi-Fi router.

To apply for PTCL Wi-Fi Router, call 1236.

Tariff after Having Wi-Fi Router

  • 1Mbps Broadband: Rs 1,399/-
  • 2Mbps Broadband: Rs 2,199/-
  • 4Mbps Broadband: Rs 5,199/-

Though, the service is not new and Link Dot Net also provides the same Wi-Fi router for additional Rs. 100/- but for people who are on fiber optics (new PTCL connections cannot use any other broadband service other than PTCL Broadband), it’s worth paying.

For further details, visit: http://www.ptcl.com.pk/contentp.php?NID=266

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75 Responses to "PTCL WiFi Router for DSL Users – Use Broadband Anywhere Within 30 Meters Radius"

  1. Will it work without any cable? or they will provide its battery as well?

  2. @A.Raqeeb Khan – If you mean, it will work during power outage or not, then NO. It won’t work unless you have battery for the router. Nayatel provides the battery for additional charges but I am not sure about PTCL.

  3. Tasadduq says:

    All routers (Wi-Fi or not) come with a power adapter.

    Nayatel doesn’t provide UPS for the router. UPS comes with their ONT.

  4. Adeel Khan says:

    Hi all,
    Is there any one who used Wireless as provided in the new PTCL ADSL modem. I need to know the experiences that how much better is video playing, downloading and uploading.

    Furthermore i want to know that which wireless adapters are used. Is that PCI/USB based?

    Generally i know that PCI based adapter with extendable wired antennas are best but i want to see the experiences of different users.

  5. Tasadduq Bashir says:

    @ Adeel

    We are yet to receive PTCL’s new wireless/ADSL router and we have written twice about the issue with no positive responses from their service centers.

    I have used other wireless services and video loading, uploading & downloading is quite good but I can’t say anything for sure about PTCL but since it would be generating wireless signals from your existing internet connection, you should not face any major performance decrease.

    As for as I know it would be a normal Wireless router along 4 ports (Lan Card connectivity).

  6. Adeel Khan says:

    Yes you right it’s having 4 Ethernet ports as usual and and antenna in addition to the the 4 ports. It can support speed upto 54MBPS. The hot spot or wireless access point is wireless G based. Wireless N is latest which can support more speed.

    But the issue is that wireless router and wireless adapter if it from one same manufacturer it works more better.

    Moreover the responses will tell the truth about the performance of the interface that is PCI/USB based.

  7. Tasadduq says:

    To my knowledge, they are only providing routers and customers will have to purchase their own wireless adapters.

    Go for a PCI adapter as they are cheap as compared to USB adapters.

    We are still waiting eagerly for the router to come but looks like PTCL wants us to go to their exchange to pick it up. Being too lazy it seems heck of a work 🙂

  8. Adeel Khan says:

    Hi i got this modem because i struggled for it and i am using through ethernet port but i want to enquire about that what is the performance of this WLAN. That’s why i thought to review thoughts of others before committing myself to purchase WLAN adapter. It can support upto 14 PCs as speficied books accompanying it.

  9. Tasadduq says:

    The thing is it depends on broadband service you are using. Since you are using PTCL which is pretty good at the moment (no doubt) so it should convert very good on WLAN.

    I’ve used WLAN in past on another broadband service Nayatel If you are from Rawalpindi/Islamabad you should know about that.

    I used TP-Link Wireless card (PCI) and it worked like normal connection. I didn’t notice any major difference in browsing, streaming, uploading etc.

    In my opinion it should work just fine. You just need to purchase a decent card. I’d recommend TP-Link unless you want to chip in some extra money.

    Let us know if you want to know the model of card I used because I still have it in my drawer 🙂


  10. Adeel Khan says:


    Please tell me that how much the PTCL new wireless DSL modem will add to my monthly electricity bill. I am switching it on 24 hours/day?

  11. Tasadduq says:

    Normally a router consumes 12v which consumes around 9.6 watts so it’s not something to worry about. I’d say it would add around 50-80 rupees per months which is a bit more than current PTCL modem.

    Nothing to worry about.

  12. Waqas Ahmed says:

    Yr ma apny mobile sy wifi use karna chata hun par router or mery ghar ma 40 meters ka fasla hy … Ab kya mera mobile us router sy connect ho sakta hy kya ,… plz reply must

  13. Adeel Khan says:

    Hello Waqas,

    I used yesterday PTCL WiFi and i am telling you that i was able to connect it on my cousin’s laptop about 20 metres and the signals were great. Moreover it connected at 54Mbps and the speed were good.

    You need a password for it and it will be available in the PTCL page if you go there and the default password is 123456789 which you can change as well.

  14. Adeel Khan says:

    Hello Waqas,

    I am not sure but i red about it that if both the router and adapter is from the same maufacturer then it work better. Further more PCI based adapter with extendable wired antenna is more better.

    If you really need to connect at a farther distance than normal then try converting your router to wireless N technology with range booster.

  15. Waqas Ahmed says:

    Yr ma abhe samsung s5230w star wifi .. wala set buy karna cha raha hun ….. Ma 40 meters par mery ek friend ka ghar hy or us ky pass ptcl ka router hy …

    Agar ma wifi mobile lyta hun tw kya 40 meters ma mobile ka wifi signal catch kar saky ga kya ? plz reply

  16. @Waqas Ahmed – PTCL guarantees full signals within 30 meters radius and I think you will get weak signals outside that area. Something is better than nothing 🙂

  17. Adeel Khan says:


    If you can get PCI-based WLAN adapter with extendable wired antenna, the antenna should be of good quality and long (like 3-5 feet), then it shall catch signal from very far 😉

  18. Hi I Have also suscribed for ptcl wifi.Concerning about range you can extend it to more than a kilometer or more simply by adding simple tv dish anteena and a few transistors.Currently I am working on it.If i pass ill give you the recepie too.U ll have to connect atleast signal wire of your anteena its the middle one like a tv cable to a simple cable wire which we use for cables in pakistan,it can be located under the removable anteena after removing it connect the cable to the simple dish anteena.check the range now.to further increase put a coil of more than 1000 turns on the signal wire and supply it to the transistors.after signal amplification u can add another transistor.now place another coil of 2000 coils with the output of the transistor.now supply the signal cable to the dish anteena and adjust it to the required place.now see the signal strength which will be 100 percent till atleast kilometer.Pray that i ll succeed.if i succeed you will be seeing a muhammad ibraheem named ssid all over lahore atleast,for further inquiries contact me

  19. suloomani says:

    @Adeel Khan – yes man its great i am using it good

  20. Adeel Khan says:


    Please explain the performance and which manufacturer’s card you are using so that we know good results.

  21. Faizan says:

    YYaar pls explain me ,what is the purpose of router, through router can i control the speed, i mean if i share internet to 5 users than is the speed control? and the range of 30 meters is the range between concrrete walls? THANKs

  22. Zahid Mahmood says:

    GM Operation, Islamabad,
    I have double up package and want wireless connection. Talked everyone on 1236 numbers but the case has been long prolong SINCE MID APRIL 2010. I regret to inform you that I have not get any positive response yet. I am ready to pay extra bill RS.200. My case is still pending and no response from your side. Therefore, you are kindly requested to look into this. I am sure and hopeful that your prompt action make it urgent basis. Need your positive response. Thanks and best regards

  23. Habib Anjum says:

    Yes you right it’s having 4 Ethernet ports as usual and and antenna in addition to the the 4 ports. It can support speed upto 54MBPS. The hot spot or wireless access point is wireless G based. Wireless N is latest which can support more speed

  24. Taha says:

    Hi guys,

    I just wanted to know that whether ptcl boadband wifi needs landline connection because i dont have ptcl landline connection. Another thing is that does this broadband makes any problems like slow speed or not able to browse websites and things like that and what about the recharge fascility does it recharge conveniently.
    Please let me know about the above issues.


  25. Asim says:

    how much dsl device 1mbps conumes electricity if on 24hours

  26. Adeel Khan says:


    PTCL broadband DOES require landline connection. You can keep it one/two way.

    If you take the connection on the fibre optic then there shall be no issue.

    About recharge i don’t understand.


    Rs.80 if you on your modem for 24 hours.

  27. Saqib says:

    Somebody plz tell me how can i extend the range of the ptcl wireless modem?

  28. Zeeshan says:

    can we connect our lan modem with mobile phone

  29. khan says:

    hey guys i am in a problem i tooked a wlan dsl modem from my neibours and i am trying to connect my e65 but it is not connecting it needs preshared key what does it mean

  30. You should set the key in WLAN cpanel to use it on other devices.

  31. Mohammad Asif says:

    plz koie meri problem solve karsakta hai ???
    Main 4 Mbps speed use karraha hoon
    mere ghar 3 laptops use horahe hai hain
    430 KB/s speed aathi hai
    me chahta hoon k 4 users me speed distribute diffrent limits me ho
    1st k paas 100 kb
    2nd k pass 120 kb
    3rd k pass 210 kb speed ayye
    kia speed limit koie aik user dosron k liye fix karsakta hai … ???
    plz solve my that issue yaar … mosibat ye hai k koie aik user hai jo torrents pe itni speed lejata hai k baki kisi k pass speed sahi nahi aathi … hope somebody explain me easily
    Thank You

  32. @ Mohammad Asif: The magic word to search for “Traffic Shaping”. I assume you are using Windows XP. It doesn’t have any built-in tool that can carry out the task but you can download a software called “Bandwidth Controller”. Though this is not free but of great help. It is priced at $30.

    You can visit there website for more information: http://bandwidthcontroller.com/

  33. Mohammad Asif says:

    @Zaheer Ahmed Khan – thank you to quick replay zaheer bahi … but i am using windows 7 … any other software …. ???

  34. @Mohammad Asif – You can install the software on Windows 7 as well.

  35. Sikandar says:

    Can router be used in 2 storeys..?? like if the router is in the basement..n mobile on the ground floor..???

  36. @ Sikandar: You can use it if your router sends strong signals (depends on the router). However, the signal strength would be weak on 2nd floor.

  37. Sikandar says:

    is the ptcl router strong enough..??

  38. Shahzad says:

    Nice sharing
    I want to ask Can we control the speed of each connection,
    and how can make profile for wifi connections,

  39. Naqi Raza says:

    Bad experience of PTCL WiFi. Weak signals are being received at a distance of only 15 meters i.e in the next room on my laptop. Very disappointing for me. Shit on PTCL.

  40. Asad says:

    Can we use ptcl’s connection but our Own WIFI device. How tomake it work, without paying the toll to ptcl ? since we are not using thier wifi device.

  41. @Asad – Yes, you can. Just connect your WiFi router as you did the one provided by the PTCL. Remove that, and connect this one. Then go to and configure it.

  42. Shahzad says:

    @Zaheer Ahmed Khan – thanks My problem will be solve

  43. Mahwish says:

    If anybody could help me answering mu query, i would b very grateful to him

    I want to ask that if i have wifi available in my laptop(but it does not catches any signals). Could i use any internet connectivity which wont make me liable to pay monthly rent?????

    Please reply

  44. Nabeel says:

    yar jab 1400 le rahe hain starting mein tu 200 per month ka kia scene hai….?
    agar mein koi aur router le kai laga lun baher se tu ?
    pher tu ujhe 200 nahe daine pardein gai na….?
    tu why ptcl router????

  45. cool says:

    i wana use a wireless router with wired router means i wana connect a wireless router through a port of my wired router can i use, i want to confirm first before purchasing it

  46. Yes, you can but I won’t recommend you PTCL router. Instead buy a new router. Tenda routers are way better than PTCL router and cheaper enough. You can get one for Rs. 2000.

  47. salman says:

    Dear All friends,
    I am using ptcl wifi modem.
    its better in my laptop but i cannot access it from my mobile Nokia C3.
    Will anyone guide me
    whats the problem.
    I am very thankful to u all….

  48. Does your mobile find the Wi-Fi connection? If yes, what error it gives when you try to connect?

  49. Adeel Khan says:

    Dear Salman,

    Mobile Wi-fi connection normally requires a password in the wifi settings and the default password of my modem is 12345678 i am not sure if your modem have the same default password or not. You can find the password in the modem settings of the PTCL page or the in book which comes with the modem.

    I hope you understood what i guided

  50. usman says:

    I am facing speed problems on my ptcl wifi modem. The DSL speed was excellent on old ZTE 831 series modem and I used tp link switch , still it worked fine. Whats the problem?

  51. LANDHI TWON says:

    SIR Exchange Landhi 89 Karachi sir landhi no 1-2-3-landhi-4 no fiber optics services not available in my area landhi twon so pls chaik The landhi Exchange my area landhi twon 1-2-3-4 no landhi ma provides fiber optices services in my area.C/1 landhi no 2 karachi

  52. Imran says:

    I want to use wifi on mobile during power outages. Kindly tell me what should I buy to use wifi router Only ?

  53. There is a small UPS for these type of tasks. It will cost you around Rs. 3000/- and it can support your router for more than a hour. The one I have has “SWAN SW 500W” written on it. Obviously, a Chinese item.

  54. Muhammad Shahbaz says:

    How can i can change the password of my Wifi connection. Becuase i think sombody is hikking my device.

  55. Open the router cpanel by going to (in most cases) and then Go to wireless > Security and change your password.

  56. Usman Bhatti says:

    Aslam o Alaikum
    main normal Ptcl DSL modem use kar raha hun aur mere paas wifi ka b modem available hai jo k doosre country sy mangwaya hai kya main uss modem ko PTCL k diye huey modem ki jaga use kar k wifi aur other service use kar sakta hun?
    agar kisi ko iss k baare mein pata hai to please mujhe bta dein k main kaise use kar sakta hun.

  57. Yes, you can use it without any problem.

  58. m.taha says:

    dear all i want to know how we use net on nokia e63 kindly advise any body who ysed

  59. mansoor says:

    @ zaheer ahmed khan, ASAK, i need to buy a wifi router other than ptcl, request name and cost of a good brand.

  60. noman says:


  61. Help me please!
    mujhe lagta hai mera router karab hai coz
    tora sa ziyada load hojaay downloading per to ping break hojati hai or dsl restart karne per hi net dobara se kaam shorow karta hai
    Aur ager wese bhi downloading horahi ho to net dc hojata hai.router per jahan internet lika hota hai woh jege per red light ajati hai … jiskeliye pirse net restart karna parta hai …
    complain bhi karai koie fiyda nahi huwa issue ka kuch pata nahi chalraha kia masla hai ..exchange se bhi masla nahi araha configuration bhi sahi hai or wiring bhi sahi hai phone per line bhi clear hai or 2 weeks pehlay mujhe net se koi shikayat bhi na thi ..
    bataye kia mai sahi hoon k shiyad mera wifi modem karab hogaya hai ? ya ye koie issue hai ? ager issue hai to iska solution kia hai …

  62. zubair ahmad says:

    plzz help me..
    2 din ho gay hain mera net boht slow chal raha hai..
    koi speed nai arahi hai.
    plzz help me…mujhy net par kaam krna hota hai but speed ki waja sy nahi ho pata..

  63. Qurban says:

    Ptcl Wifi router ki jaga dosra tenda router laga sakte ha Plz reply

  64. amara says:

    plz mera nokia c3 mere modem se attack ni ho ha mje os ka tareqa bata den
    jb se ese wifi k 7 connect krti hon to not network available ka option ata ha

  65. M Ali says:

    Dear All,

    if any one using PTCL dsl wifi router, then please send me the router’s settings on my below email, as I want to use A siemens DSL+wifi router in place of mine simple ptcl DSL router. (ptcl is now charging for wifi dsl router). already tried multiple settings, but no luck. please send me screen shots of the setting as well.

    thanks in advanceregards

    Ali (the.sheikh@btinternet.com), 0333*******

  66. Mashhood says:

    sir ji mere sath b same problem hai my snr margin is 41 phir b bar barb dc hota hai n aksar 3 bjay k bad hota hai exchange main b theek hai wiring b theek hai pta ni kia masla ab main wifi modem lay raha hun shayad kuch farq par jaee,…………….

  67. abbas says:

    how to see my forgotten pre shared key of my AN1020-25 wifi modem

  68. sibghatullah says:

    my name is sibghatullah khoso from sukkur village dreha away from sukkur 10 km i want to know that in my village no ptcl connection .but i want wi fi system for me n for my business internet provider in village then how? tel me how can i make it possiable i have fiber optical also i play cable tv network with him .whats investment.whats ur mind do work explain me on my cell no 03213136706

  69. Rizwan says:

    Hello there

    I am using DSL student package, Is there anyway without Paying 200 extra ?
    I mean if i buy a wifi router, can i have the wifi connection ?
    Is it possible to connect a wifi router to the dsl modem ?
    please reply

  70. Zaheer says:

    Originally Posted By Rizwan
    Hello there

    I am using DSL student package, Is there anyway without Paying 200 extra ?
    I mean if i buy a wifi router, can i have the wifi connection ?
    Is it possible to connect a wifi router to the dsl modem ?
    please reply

    Buy a wi-fi router, connect it with your computer and then you will have to configure it. That’s it! You can certainly save extra 200 per month if you buy an inexpensive router (please remember, PTCL wi-fi routers are of cheapest quality). You can get Linda’s router for Rs. 2000/- or maybe less. That works just perfectly fine.

  71. murtaza says:

    i bought samgsung 5233 star wifi nw i ve problem in connecting ptcl wifi plz if any1 can guide me

  72. Ejaz says:

    Dear Fiend,

    i have PTCL DSL with wifi router/modem, if i connect with the cable it works, but when i search in my laptop wifi or on my iphone mobile, i can not see wifi connection in it….

    kinldy let me know if there is any setting requred in router? coz PTCL person has just delever the device at home, and the wifi setting need to be set in router

    kindly reply

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