wi-tribe: Free Broadband Volumes and Subscriptions on Referrals

Introduced last year, the Wi-Tribe is a great new boost to the internet service providers’ sector in Pakistan and has revolutionized the internet service coverage in the country, with the remarkable increase in number of users just in a short span of time.


Though they have been initial hitches in the service coverage but this new internet service provider is penetrating into the internet market with some exciting offers now and then. To hold the customer retention, Wi-Tribe has recently introduced a new exciting offer in terms of referrals, which means all the Wi-Tribe users will get free volumes and subscriptions if they refer its service to their family and friends.

For every referral they make, the user gets a 3GB extra volume for the next 3 months and the five referrals would earn a complete 1 month free subscription for the user. In order to avail these best free deals, all the Wi-Tribe customers should start using their service links.

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3 Responses to "wi-tribe: Free Broadband Volumes and Subscriptions on Referrals"

  1. Haxan says:

    Check this out before refering to ur contacts, caz it really S-u-k- when ur contacts get the service and then blame u………………………hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  2. fahad says:

    That article is a load of bullshit, i have been using wi-tribe for a while and they have the worst customer care out of all the international companies in Pakistan. I’ll mention a small incident for example, the company changed my package without even informing me. I found out about it when i was trying complain about slow speed, even then the customer representative was not ready to admit that they had changed the package by mistake. I ended up talking to the supervisor, but he showed the least bit of interest in my complain. I had to make him realize what his job was, only then he forwarded my complaint to the concerned department otherwise he wasn’t even willing to do that. The supervisor, Zafar Iqbal, gave me an ETA of one hour; i waited for his call for 5 hours. I tried to contact him but apparently he had better things to do, eventually when i did get a hold of him all he had to say was that he forwarded the complaint but wasn’t willing to do more then that. So in the end they weren’t willing to revert a mistake they had made themselves, is there anything worst then that?

  3. @fahad – I can understand your frustration but calling this article crap is not fair in my opinion. If you had browsed a little more, you would have come across this article where we talked about their bad customer services: http://www.techreaders.com/2010/02/wi-tribe-complaints-continue/

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