You Cannot Move Your Wireless Device – Wateen Rep Tells

I have been using Wateen since long. Infact, I am one of the very beginning customers of Wateen WiMax service. I moved to another location around 7 months ago within the same city and Wateen WiMax was working fine there until Friday, 22 Jan 2010. Before I proceed further, let me tell you I am using Motrolla device (picture below) which was launched initially with the launch of Wateen WiMax services in Pakistan. Ok… on 22nd of Jan 2010, the connection broke down. There were no signals and when I contacted customer services, they told me that they cannot lock my complaint because I am not using the device on the registered address but he did me a ‘favor’ and told me that work is under process in that particular area and the service is likely to be resumed within 24 hours.

Nothing happened even after 24 hours. I was still unable to use Wateen WiMax and called them again. They again told me that they are working and I will soon be able to use the service. Nothing happened again…that’s irritating yet frustrating.


Today, when I tried to connect the device, it was still not connecting and I contact the customer center again. I asked the person that why the service is still not available in the area and he told me the same story of registering the new address and he won’t be able to lodge my complaint until I do that. I asked him what justification they give to the customer who have their addresses registered in that area, he was speechless but told me at least he can lock a complaint for those users (I agree).

Wateen Wimax Device

Now the funniest part, he told me that Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has policy of not shifting the device from the address registered otherwise they cannot guarantee that the service will work. Wow…you cannot use your wireless device out of your house. I wonder why people use wireless broadband service. Reason is simple; so that they can use it anywhere they want. No? Well… I asked him to forward me a copy of that policy to my email and he excused himself from that.

I am also using Wateen Dongle service which is good (you can ready my experience with Wateen Dongle here.) but the increase in customer base of Wateen WiMax did really affect the service quality. I never tried Wateen Dongle out of my house but lets try this out. If we can not use a Wireless device out of our house, there is no purpose of purchasing one. All I can do now is; register my new address and see if the problem resolves (oh gosh!!! I will have to visit their franchise for that :-().

PS: If anyone knows about that PTA policy, please send me the link or post in the comments. Thank you

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2 Responses to "You Cannot Move Your Wireless Device – Wateen Rep Tells"

  1. ayesha says:

    Thats true mobility is not allowed

  2. farhan says:

    but you can move usb ! @ayesha

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