81,945 Mobile Phones Snatched/Theft in 2009

Citizens Police Liaison Committee has issued the report on Cell Phones thefts in the country. Karachi is the most effected city of the country. 36377 cell phone thefts or snatched have been reported in Karachi from February 2009 to January 2010. Whereas, 45568 cell phone thefts/snatches have been reported in rest of the country.

September and April were the least & most effected months respectively. 2479 incidents took place in September 2009 and 3603 in April 2009.

Zone wise distribution of Karachi is something like this:

  • 11.9% (9751) incidents took place in West Karachi
  • 10.2% (8357) in South Karachi
  • 8.8% (7239) in Central Karachi
  • 8.6% (7030) in Malir
  • 4.9% (4000) in West Karachi

Karachi totaled a whopping 44.4% and rest of the country remained at 56.6%.

If you are carrying a Nokia Cell Phone, you are more likely to get robbed (resale value of Nokia mobile phones maybe a reason).

74.5% Nokia Cell phones have been snatched followed by Samsung, which made it to mere 8.5%. 45 Trend mobile incidents are reported and in my opinion resale price might be a valid reason.

Robbers/Snatchers like colors as well and Black has been their favorite (I myself like black color 😉 ).

Color wise details of thefts/Snatches are:

  • Black 63495 (77.4%)
  • Blue 6433  (7.9%)
  • Stone Silver 4550 (5.6%)
  • Gray 2252 (2.7%)
  • Red 1828 (2.2%)
  • White 1495 (1.8%)
  • Others 1982 (2.4%)

Growing incidents of cell phone robberies is quite alarming however no recoveries are mentioned in the report presented by CPLC that is surprisingly unpleasant. Even though this shows that authorities have failed to guide users to use IMEI numbers for the recovery of stolen/snatched mobile phones. Stolen cell phones seem to have a vast market and are easily sold/purchased in the market.

Mobiles Snatched Graph

Another thing worth mentioning is that shopkeepers can easily reset IMEI numbers with the help of easily available software thus failing the whole purpose of IMEI number.

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3 Responses to "81,945 Mobile Phones Snatched/Theft in 2009"

  1. That’s a very solid number. Any idea how many of them were recovered? 0?

  2. Sanam says:

    Certainly! even a single one, from a valuable source got to know that CPLC purchase locked sets which they can get unlocked easily! mostly sets are available with similar kind of issue

  3. Tasadduq says:

    Yep Very huge number of incidents but no recoveries have been made according to CPLC. Recovering a Cell phone isn’t that easy as they are usually sold shortly after the theft/snatching.

    Most of the people aren’t aware of IMEI or they don’t know the complete procedure. And after all IMEI isn’t of any use.

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