Ban Late Night Packages – Punjab Assembly

Punjab Assembly is to take serious action against the Late Night Packages offered by different cellular companies. PA has passed a resolution against the issue. After a strong debate about how these packages are affecting the youth, it was passed collectively.

All cellular companies are offering late night packages which are popular among all specially youngsters. New and new packages are offered everyday to attract the customers. If we look at the positive side of the offers, they could be quite helpful for students in preparing their assignments etc but of course, we all know, 99% of them don’t use it for any student activity. Some of them even started teasing people by making blank calls.


The resolution was presented by Mrs. Samnia Khawar Hayat (PML-Q) in which she stated that mobile companies should not offer such packages which ‘prevent’ students from sleeping or studying. She also stated that these packages are resulting into dark future of our youth and should be banned immediately.

Now wait and see what would happen to late night packages and the reaction of youngsters and Cellular companies. I am sure both ‘parties’ would not be happy with the decision. So, we can expect a rise in prices of these packages very soon. Be ready!

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4 Responses to "Ban Late Night Packages – Punjab Assembly"

  1. Omeer Zia says:

    The Punjab Assembly has passed this bill through which telecom companies would be requested to take back their late night packages offered to their customers. The Lady MPA who presented this bill in the assembly was not right in her idea. I contradict with it. The facilities are not always either right or wrong. Their usage makes it right or wrong. For instance, a huge variety of Porn Sites are
    available on the web which is access able to anyone, anywhere in the world. For the such reason, should we also block the internet service in Pakistan as this may spoil our young generation? No! We should be guided the right way of the usage of the facilities we are provided in
    this world which has become a global village because of these facilities. I request honorable Ms. MPA to review her idea.

  2. Mr. Zia u r right about the usage of the things… but I want to ask something to you.. In your comment how restrict (stick) u are? Watch daily peoples’ lives specially Muslims!! You’ll see no body perfect in his Faith (Iman) sometimes our faith gets stronger and sometimes weak. But usually its weak and its weak because of our society.. look around ur self every one is waiting for the chance to get money (cuz mentally we thing if some has money then he has power) and in this race our Politicians are first and fast specially this current gov (PPP). They don’t care what’s going on in country; they just know how to get money and how can get money. And because of them there is no Law, There is no justice, there is no piece, there is no faith etc. every thing has been spoiled.. as I said everyone waiting for the chance.. here I give u an example: cellular companies providing facility to our people and majority of their user are youngsters and they know their psycho.. and they are providing Unlimited sms service, night packages any many more! with the name of Education, knowledge, information.. yea they are really getting education, info etc but only on one subject and that is physique of human and they are wasting their time by sending freek sms, unknown hadid etc. and u cant blame on them cause there is no law and u cant go any where cuz there is no justice and u can’t strike cuz there is no peace if u get to gather anything could happen in that Jaloos like bomb blast etc. and I don’t think so our pray will accepted cuz we don’t have real fait in our heart now!!
    Companies want earn money from every possible way and Gov take profit with their possible way and who dame care what’s happening with young generation?

    Let me give u one more example! Suppose u have 2 kids one is boy and other is girl and u have provided them such facility which intelligent student must have like sprat room, book, computer with internet, mobile etc. Do u really think they will they study and get good marks in their class suppose they were getting good marks or position in their previous class and now with internet and mobile facility and see if they still get good mark in next few years then it mean they punctual student if they don’t then it mean they have gotten some other activities.. so every thing depend on u not on ur those kids that how do u educate them? In other word say every thing depend on owner of the family if he is a good person his family must have good manners. So same thing in country every thing depend on Gov. they can keep banns every porn sites in our country like some Arab countries are doing now. if our Gov. are not corrupt I dame sure everything will be normal. So Mr. Zia if someone said something little good so appreciate it don’t neglected it on party basis.

  3. Tasadduq Khan says:

    I’ll have to somewhat agree with Mr. Zia’s example of vulgar sites on the internet, which are easily accessible to everyone but not every one spends their time visiting them.But it doesn’t completely fit to this case (late night call packages).


    Mobile & Internet are two different things.

    If you stay awake all night on a computer your parents will come to know for sure while with mobile phones they can’t really keep track of what you are doing. You can use a mobile phone everywhere pretending to be asleep but you are talking to someone.

    I’m with the petition to ban late night packages. Even, if they don’t ban it, they should atleast restrict the usage to few hours rather than whole night.

    Just my 2 cents.

  4. Muneeb says:

    I appreciate the way A.rakeeb khan presented his point of view. And i totally agree with whatever he said. well said! 🙂

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