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A few days ago some Facebook users’ homepage design was changed and today this happened to all users. Facebook home page has completely been redesigned, though it is said that 80 Million user’s accounts have been updated.

Facebook Logo

Unlike, previous redesigns this new upgrade doesn’t just focus on the look of the homepage, rather it focuses on improved navigation. Useful links have been placed on one side of the page, which makes it easier to browse.

Top Menu

Facebook HomepageSmall Notification icon, which used to be at the bottom right corner has been moved to the top left. Notification Icon has also been replaced and now you can see a globe instead of a signpost, though red notification pop-up could still be seen. Besides Notification icon you can also see two more icons, which are “inbox” & “Friend Request”. Another big change is that “Search box” has been moved to the left side and is a lot bigger than what it used to be.

Left Hand Menu

Lots of useful information has been placed on the left hand menu. You can see, dashboards are used to open links rather than a news stream.

Event Notifications like meetings, parties; birthdays have also been placed in left hand menu, which makes it easier to view them.

People you chat with most can now be found on the bottom left hand side (When they are online). Complete list of online friends can still be accessed the pop-up window present in the bottom right corner.

Facebook Photos

Games and Applications can now be found in left hand corner. According to Facebook, dashboard links make it easier to work with other applications and also to locate new applications. Alerts, recent activity, Friends activity are few of the things that are highlighted by the help of these dashboards.

These application dashboards come with advanced privacy settings, which allow users to control the activity of their games and application on their friends’ dashboards. It is said that Facebook is also trying to figure out a way to allow users to turn off notifications for selected apps or games.

Even though this new change is very impressive but a lot of people are complaining about the new design and are demanding to put the old design back. It’s been a few hours since the new design has been implemented but a lot of negative comments have been posted on Facebook’s blog.

Another notable thing is that Ads from the homepage have been completely removed though they can be viewed in sub-pages. Not sure if this is a permanent change but as of now there are no ads on homepage.

Human nature is not to get addicted with things very quickly, so I’m assuming after a while everything would just go back to normal and people will accept the new change.

Image Source: PCWorld.com

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