Finally, They Deployed PTCL WiFi Router

I was having tough time convincing PTCL guys that I really need that WiFi router (Do I really?). Well… I just wanted to give it a try. Anyways after passing 25 days, they finally installed the WiFi router at my place. The representative of PTCL was quite friendly and suggested me that in case of any issue I can call him instead of calling and wasting time on PTCL Help Lines 1218 or 1236.


Upon asking, that how long would I have to pay the rental as the WiFi router doesn’t cost more than Rs. 4,500/- and will I have to return it back when I quit using PTCL broadband service even after 10 years? The answer was simple as expected, YES. So, people who are ordering PTCL WiFi router should keep in mind that they will never own the router. They have another option of buying a router from somewhere on lump sum price. The prices of good WiFi routers start from PKR 4,000 onward.

Having said that, if you have got PTCL WiFi router and later you decide to switch back to the old modem, you can do that easily. Just convert your package from Broadband WiFi Package to simple package and they will pick the WiFi router and give you back the old one.

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3 Responses to "Finally, They Deployed PTCL WiFi Router"

  1. Tasadduq says:

    PTCL deployed router after almost 1 month which is quite FAST (or is it? :D) but atleast they deployed it. You can’t do anything if they don’t.

    But after a specific time period rental should be expired but again you can’t do anything when it comes to PTCL.

  2. Yes. They will recover the price of Modem in 2 years (if the price is 4800) but you still won’t own it. That’s funny actually.

  3. Kinza Altaf says:

    It means PTCL providing worst service to his clients! only Brand Name of PTCL just working these days

  4. w-qas says:

    so why not get a wireless modem and convert broadband to wireless at home 😉

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