Google Search Tips – Find Exactly What You are Looking For

Finding specific information on Google is not a difficult thing to do if you know how to use different commands or Google Operators in Google Search Eninge. You may sit for hours to look for something but can’t find it anywhere but you know it’s there. Just use the following commands to get exact results.

define: This Goolge operator of command will help you find the definitions of certain terms. It is very handy when you are working on an assignement or project and come across an unknown word.

Example: define:computer

info: This Google operator will find set of information about a specific website.

Google SE

Example:  info:http://www.techreaders.com

site: This Google command or operator will get you a list of indexed pages of a certain website in Google Search Engine.

Example: site:www.techreaders.com

link: You can find baclinks pointing to a website with the help of this Google Operator. The results are not updated regularly so, it doesn’t show the exact number of backlinks.

Example: link:www.techreaders.com

allinurl: This Google command will help you find specific keywords on the URL structure.


fileformat: If you are looking for a certain file format over Internet, you can use this Google SE command to find it. For example, you are looking for a Microsoft Word Document file that contains the information about Market Research, you will use the command fileformat:.docx market research.

“”: Use Inverted commas to find exact terms over internet. It will show only the URLs that contain your desired keywords, sentences or phrases.

Example: “tech readers”

Hope this helps!

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