HOW TO: Access Blocked Websites

There are several times when websites may be blocked in schools, colleges, universities or at work places. This is not the end of the world and the blocked websites can still be accessed using a proxy website which uses a different IP address than the one directly used by the computer.

Proxy websites are used by internet users for different reasons, some use for accessing potentially blocked websites by their colleges or offices and some use it to test their scripts. Proxy websites allows to bypass the current ISP’s IP and connects to the targeted website with a different IP; it hides the actual origin from being detected.

Blocked Websites

Work places normally block social networking websites including Google News, YouTube, Facebook, Typepad, Myspace, Yahoo! Messenger, Bebo, Orkut, Photobucket, Pandora, Flickr and others.

Accessing blocked websites

Learning how to access blocked websites is not a big deal. Just follow the steps below;

1. For accessing blocked website, type the IP number instead of the URL in the browser address bar. If the blocking software maps the IP address to the web server then the DNS lookup can be reversed, the website will still be blocked.

2. Use a URL redirection service like snipurl.com or tinyurl.com. These are domain forwarding services that sometimes work as the address in the URL box and remain the redirect URL and do not change the banned site.

There are a lot of proxy websites which can be used for this purpose but be careful, some of them may have virus on it. So, make sure, you have an up-to-date antivirus installed.

Accessing Bebo at school

Bebo is the third-largest social networking site in the world and the second-largest in the UK. Many school districts block access to social networking sites to keep away students from wasting time during the school day. There are few tricks about how to get on Bebo at school.

1. For accessing the website, changing the URL to https://www.bebo.com which is usually http://www.bebo.com will show that the addition of s means that the site secure for bypassing the firewall.

The URL can be avoided entirely by typing the IP address in place of the URL. This will take some preparation as the IP address is needed from an unblocked computer before trying this at school. These sites can help to get the Bebo IP address:




2. Tunneling sites are also blocked by some schools but others still let them get accessed. If this is the case then they a go-between would have to be used for accessing Bebo. A list of tunneling sites can be found online by searching for “Bebo Tunnel.”

3. Proxies can be used to bypass the firewall for getting in with a Bebo Proxy.

Several would have to be tried because they keep on changing frequently. A proxy that works one day may be blocked the next. Some time would have to be spent for searching “Bebo Proxy” from an unblocked computer and the information can be printed.

It is possible that a school might have blocked these methods but still it will give a satisfaction that one has tried.

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