HOW TO: Fix Common Problems in PlayStation 3 (PS3)

The gaming industry have truly brought about some really awesome technology in the last decade or two in both the software and game console parts of the industry PlayStation 3 from Sony received a very positive response from customers when it was launched back in 2006. It was seen as a vengeance of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 and Nintendo’s Wii.

PS3’s ultimate edge is for gamers are its unified online gaming feature which is the PlayStation Network. It gives a feeling like being a part of the game creators. Top multimedia features are on the console of PS3 and it is also connected with PlayStation Portable. PlayStation3 is not protected from occasional freezes while having all the high features, and one knows that. It is the most irritating time when one is enjoying the best of the gaming time when everything suddenly comes to a halt. Gamers complaint about its freezing and although is rare that PS3 will freeze but they do occur sometimes and are caused by scratched console disk or overheating. You might be thinking why does my PS3 freeze. Following are the two main reasons why PS3 freezes.

PlayStation 3

PS3 overheating: PS3 can freeze if the console is kept in a stuffed room with lack of breathing space, it will then get overheated and too much heat on the PS3 will cause a meltdown. It can easily be remedied when the console is placed all by itself and no other electronic machine is near by.

PS3 scratches: Problem can occur of there are scratches on the disk which can cause looping inside and this usually happens at a speed of millisecond. The console is not really frozen in this case. Its the time lag that gets continuously repeated at certain times.

Its not very serious issue for a PS3 to freeze but in worst cases the console has to be taken to the Sony store from where it was brought. The fact is that the owner can only do some basic trouble-shooting for fixing the problem.

Flashing red light in Xbox 360

Although the Xbox reigned as the best game console of all time for a considerable period of time and is still one of the most preferred game consoles but it has it’s own problems specifically the Xbox 360. It seems as if certain key parts in the Xbox 360 are affected by trouble but fixable problems involving dismantling of the console like the GPU or Graphic Processor Unit that is programmed to shut down in case overheating. Screen freeze is also a problem related with as well. Article on why does my XBOZ 360 flash red will be very beneficial for you.

When such problems are experienced by the game unit then the Xbox 360 flashed three red lights to let the user know that a problem has occurred. It is designed to do so.

When the three red lights of Xbox 360 start flashing then most times it’s due to an overheating problem. It’s the responsibility of the owner to keep the system as cool as possible when in use. If the unit has a stand by mode then it is better to turn the unit completely off to prevent it from excessive overheating. The overheating problem is due to some of its internal components.

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