HOW TO: Repair Your Telephone

Picking up the phone and hearing static or silence instead of a dial tone can be annoying and frustrating or may cause even more serious problems. Problems in landline telephone occur because of many reasons but land lines phones usually go wrong in two ways, either call cannot be made or calls cannot be received. Either way it’s very unfortunate that one can’t make a telephone call to the police or any other place. It may be that no one has called you for a long time but let’s presume it’s the phone that has become bad. Other problems can be with the phone company’s lines outside the building or bad wiring or faulty equipment inside the building. You can easily learn how to maintain your phone. Just follow the instructions below.


Maintaining the phone

If calls cannot be received:

It has to be made sure that all cables are plugged in properly at both ends of the telephone set and wall plug, similarly telephone ringer has to be checked that it has not been pulled off accidently by stroke. For better performance, the phone should be placed on hard surface because some telephone sets have bell constructed into its base and loose surface can take in shaking and sound made by buzzer.

If the problem still persists, an REN measure has to be used which is normally published on telephones base. As there is precise amount of power in the telephone set cable coming from your cable firm around REN 4 to 5.

If phone calls cannot be made:

If the phone is mute while ringing a number, the telephone number has to be checked if it is accurate including the area code. It could be possible that the telephone service is down in that particular country. These matters appear obvious and are frequently neglected.

If that does not solve the problem, all the telephone equipment would have to be unplugged and the telephone has to be plugged set straight in to first phone wall socket on its own. This will identify if the problem is located in the telephone set or the cables. If the phone starts working, interchange the wires for better performance but if the problem still persists, a new telephone set has to be purchased.


Phone companies are starting to face competition from cable companies, like Time Warner and Comcast who have attracted customers away with their Internet-based communication offers. Even as their landline subscribers decline, the phone companies still have to fork out billions of dollars a year for maintaining the networks. Some people believe that it is necessary to continue pumping money into technologies which are expensive to maintain, and offer little additional value to subscribers.

Solving connectivity problems in the phone

Also learning how to solve connectivity problems on your phone, would be beneficial for you. The connection technique can modify on a daily basis. The connection may still change on an hourly basis. Considering all the potentials, it is expected for some problems to appear frequently. DHCP or Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is the most frequent wired Ethernet configuration for houses and offices, all of the necessary assets are mechanically configured. A loose fitting or poor cable is often the reason of a lost Ethernet connection.

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