PC Maintenance Tips – You Don’t Need to be Professional

Maintaining your computer can save you from lots of troubles. There are several ways you could perform PC maintenance, which involves Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Yearly tasks.

I would briefly discuss those here:

Backup your data daily: No one likes to lose their work. Backing up your data on daily basis is very important. Your documents, pictures, application data etc should be backed up by the end of each day.

Scan your computer weekly: Don’t think you are safe if you have antivirus software installed on your machine. Your regular antivirus may not detect some malwares or spywares. There always should be an alternative to your regular security software, which should be used for weekly scans.

PC Maintenance

If you are looking for something reliable & free to alternate your regular security program you might consider “Malwarebytes anti-malware” & “Superantispyware”.

Defragment your Hard Drive monthly: As a result of fragmentation your hard drive becomes slow which slows down your entire machine. Regular defragmentation is required to avoid this.

Windows XP comes with a built-in defragment tool which could be accessed by right clicking any of the drive(s) and “clicking on properties” then “Tools” tab would bring up the “Defragment Now” button.

Windows Vista could also set a schedule to defragmentation process.

Scan your Hard Drive for Errors: Another task to be performed monthly is to scan your hard drive for errors. Purpose of this type of scanning is to fix physical & logical problems with the hard drive, which could result in some parts being unreadable, ultimately slowing it down.

Defragmentation & Scanning are both performed from same toolbar.

Right Click C: drive and Click on “Tools tab”. To start scan click “check now” (The first option in Tools menu) and select both options and click start. If you are a Windows XP user you will have to click “yes” to start scan but if you are Windows Vista or Window 7 user you will get an error message sayings Windows can’t check the disk when it is in use. You will have to click “Schedule check”.

Scanning would take reasonable amount of time to complete, so when you are leaving your computer ON for a while scans it. A guess is that it takes 1 hour to scan 100GB drive before it could be used again.

Backup entire hard drive twice a year: Backing up your hard drive as an image could really save you from trouble. In case hard drive crashes or Windows acts strange and corrupts, image backup would be the saviour. You won’t have to install Windows all over again.

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2 Responses to "PC Maintenance Tips – You Don’t Need to be Professional"

  1. chatuchaak says:

    Nice tips. But I think the frequency of defrags depend on usage patterns and the level of fragmentation. I personally recommend an automatic defrag program that can be set to run in real time and defrag using idle resources. Latest defrag programs even prevent fragmentation to alarge extent. I am not too fond of the Vista defrag as scheduling often gets missed.

  2. Tasadduq says:


    Yes, it depends on how you intend to perform defrag.

    My main focus was to let basic users perform these operations without the need of additional software.

    I personally use third party tools to complete the tasks but I thought it would make a good read for users.

    Thank you for commenting.

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