PTA Restricts President Zardari’s Famous “Shut Up” Youtube Video

YouTube was completely blocked in Pakistan by PTCL on Sunday without any reason/warning. People must have thought “What is going on?” Even though, YouTube was accessible through proxy websites but it remained blocked for almost 1 hour. ISPs said PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) is responsible for the ban and they cannot provide any reasons whatsoever.

Later on, YouTube was restored by PTCL and other ISPs. Sigh of relief? But many noticed the reason for the restrictions. You could no longer access President Asif Ali Zardari’s video where he openly asks people to “shut up” during his speech.

Zardari Shutup

This video has been around for a while now and people were watching and promoting it to extreme extent, which surely was embarrassing for the President. Maybe, President didn’t like it afterward and authorities asked PTA to impose a ban on related videos. It’s just an assumption so far. Is it? 😉

YouTube is fully functional as of now with these videos missing. You can search for the video but it won’t work because you won’t be able to open it as you will be welcomed with “This Site is Restricted” message.

Having said that I don’t understand what Government is thinking by banning the video in Pakistan. Literally anyone with small Internet knowledge can access those easily. Also the ban is in Pakistan and Pakistan isn’t the whole world, Global users still have the access to the video.

I tried to access these ‘videos’ on my Wateen connection and these are working fine so, apparently, PTCL is the only ISP banned by PTA so far. Lets wait and see what they are up to. We would however like comments from people using other ISPs whether or not they are able to access these videos.

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  1. Maria says:

    wat is this? Pathetic!!!!!

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