Remove Autorun.inf From Computer & USB Drives Permanently

If you are a victim of Autorun.inf and tried many methods to remove it from your system but it keeps on bouncing back, then this article will guide you to remove Autorun.inf from your system as well as from your USB/Flash drive completely and permanently. Autorun.inf usually spread from portable devices i.e. USB/Flash drives, Memory Cards etc. What Autorun.info does is simply modify some registry values and you cannot restore them manually because access to Registry Editor is already restricted. Before I proceed further, let me ask you a simple question. Are you really infected from Autorun.inf? If you are unsure about it, read the following symptoms of Autorun.inf infected systems.

Autorun.inf Symptoms

  • You are not able to enable “Show Hidden Files and Folders”
  • Your systems prevents you from opening “Task Manager”
  • “Registry Editor” will no longer accessible.
  • Instead of opening drives or folders in same window, it can open them into new window each time.

Usually, popular Anti-viruses fail to detect Autorun.inf or if they do, they do not remove it completely from the system. There are many ways of cleaning your computer from Autorun.inf but many of them do not simply work.

USB Virus

METHOD 1 (For Windows XP)

  • Go to Start > Run and write “CMD”
  • Write the following code:

del /a:rhs [driveletter]:autorun.inf

  • Replace [driveletter] with your Drive. If you want to remove Autorun.inf from C drive, you will write the command as below:

del /a:rhs C:autorun.inf

Restart computer. That’s it!

METHOD 2 (For Windows XP)

Autorun.inf is usually attached to many Windows events such as REFRESH, OPEN, etc. And on doing so, the virus is regenerated.

Close Window Explorer

  • Go to run and open Command prompt by writing “CMD” into Start > “Run”
  • To delete Virus attributes, write below given code line by line and to execute the commands, press Enter.
F:attrib -s -r -h *.*
  • All malicious files will be shown and you can delete them now by writing the following command.
F:del autorun.inf
  • Remove your USB Drive as soon as you execute the above Del command.
  • Your drive is now clean from Virus activation config file and you can delete unnecessary EXE files safely.


METHOD 3 (Automated Method)

  • Flash Disinfector may ask you to insert removable devices.
  • Let the Utility clean the drives.
  • Restart computer and you are done!

IMPORTANT: Flash_Disinfector will create a Hidden Folder named Autorun.inf in each partition. Do not remove it. It will protect drives from Autorun.inf in future.

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4 Responses to "Remove Autorun.inf From Computer & USB Drives Permanently"

  1. Asfand says:

    That’s very informative post. I tried many methods but Autorun.inf kept coming back. Your methods worked and now my USB is clean for now 🙂

  2. Jijo Sunny says:

    Wow! I was searching for this article wide along the Web. Thanks Zaheer. You wrote it well.
    Next time onwards, My Pen Drive will be clean enough 🙂

  3. Some visitors complaint that 2nd method removes registry files and their Windows get corrupt. Please read the note in red color. Do not apply Method number 2 in your Windows drive which is usually C: otherwise it may result in registry errors.

  4. Jawwad says:

    Hye any one tell me atlest Vriuse list just sent me urgentllly

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