Thief Websites Network on Twitter Exposed!

Microblogging website twitter has identified a scheme with which a network is stealing personal information of twitter users. According to twitter they came to know about this scheme when they experienced some unusual activities on the website. When they further investigated, they came to know that a network of fast websites is established with the sole purpose of stealing personal information of twitter users.

This network is stealing information like usernames and passwords to gather more information about the users which is supposed to be used by TV, Film, and Music people.

twitterWith the help of this data, they could get access to users’ other websites important details. Usually people use same login details for all or most of the websites which also include online shopping and Internet Banking websites.

Computer Thief

Twitter further added that all affected users’ account have been provided new accounts but this network can use their old email addresses and accounts to send emails etc.

It seems that this network was planning this for years to gather such data, Twitter continued. It is also suggested that people should use different usernames and pass codes on all social networking as well as other websites which contains very important details.

These types of attacks could be more harmful for people who use Internet Banking Services. A survey conducted by a security company ‘Trustees’ in which 1 million users participated, reveals that 77% Internet Banking Users use the same pass codes to log in to their Internet Bank Account as for their social networking websites. 47% Internet Bank Service users use same Bank and Social Networking Website usernames and passwords.

Sophos, a new security company disclosed this while declaring their annual report. According to which the attacks on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter etc. for the purpose of stealing personal information has been increased by 70% in recent years.

Facebook was considered the most dangerous social networking site in this regard. Security Company states that it’s because Facebook is the biggest social networking site and these networks always keep an eye on it.

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