11 Reasons: Why Blogs Better than Social Networking

In my opinion the blogs and social networking they both comes under social media. But recently I have been reading a lot of posts on social media tips by blog ancestor who are making it appear as blogging and social networking are same.

I’ m a big supporter of blogs and always will be. You can also say that I’m a bit hard at it. And some what biased.

Let me explain why real blogs still matter, following are some points that shows what blogs allows us to do:

1. Speak our mind

There are no limitations on blog as to what we can say what we want, where as Twitter and Facebook allow only limited characters.

2. Control

With our own blog we have control over the data and destiny. We own the content which is not the case with Facebook.

3. Privacy

Blogs allow us to tell the search engines to only index or not to index content. We can keep it totally private or make only certain content visibly.

4. Richer content

We are allowed to use multiple file formats such as MP3, Video, Images and much more for richer content on blogs.

5. Writers and commenters

Blogs are for writers and social networks are for commenters.

6. Real communities

On blogs people are more loyal than the one on social networks.

7. Real conversations

Blogs enables us to write articles and explore ideas nit just two liner not just one or two-liner blips.

8. Real relationships

Blogs attracts readers and visitor with same values and interests. On the other side social networks are temporary hangouts until some thing new comes up.

9. Blogs are a window into our soul

Blogs allows us to share our thoughts where readers get a real sense of who we are?

10. Blogs mean business

It doesn’t matter how much these social networking website try to capture business opportunities they will never reach near to what a blog can achieve for the reason that the platform is limited, closed and proprietary.

11. Blogs are a technically mature

Over the past year blogs have added overwhelming number of apps, add-ons, plug-in and built-in programming capabilities that are not present in social networks.

In the end I would like to say that whatever thing that social networks can do blogs can do better.

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One Response to "11 Reasons: Why Blogs Better than Social Networking"

  1. stylo says:

    In my opinion i will agree with you zaheer. That blog are much comparing to social networks

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