19 Interesting Internet Facts – 2009

Couple of days ago, I covered 18 interesting firsts of the Internet. Today, I am going to share 19 most interesting and amazing facts about Internet (as of year 2009). So, without wasting time, let’s start;


1. Out of 100 pictures on Internet, 80 are of naked women. That’s means 80% pictures on Internet are of naked women.

2. 17 billion devices will be connected to the Internet (in total) by the year 2012.

3. More than 3.7 million domain names are registered every month in 2009 (according to Domain Name Industry Brief).

4. Which came first? Email or Website? Yes, that’s email which predates websites. Find here.

5. The ration between ‘normal’ and porn pages is 1:5. That means, there are 5 porn pages for every ‘normal’ page.

6. Out of 8 Married couples in US, one met online (2009 report).

7. The first banner advertisement on Internet was used in 1994.

8. The total number of users in the world is 1,733,993,741 (as of 30 Sept. 2009)*

9. There are more than 1.2 billion instant messaging accounts over Internet.

10. Unlike Radio which took 38 years and TV which took 13 years, Word Wide Web (WWW) took only 5 years to reach 50 million users.

11. China is on top in terms of most Internet users i.e. 360,000,000 (as of 30 Sept. 2009)* whereas, US comes on seconds place with 227,719,000 Internet Users.

12. The first browser was Mosaic, which was released in 1993.

13. 25.6% of total world population use internet. That means out of 6,767,805,208 in the world, 1,733,993,741 are Internet Users (as of 30 Sept. 2009)*.

14. Out of 1.74 billion Internet users, only 478 million are English speaking. Chinese come on second with 384 million and Spanish on third with 137 million (as of 30 Sept. 2009)*.

15. Youtube.com is on number 3 according to Alexa.com. Surprisingly, Facebook.com took place of Yahoo.com which was previously on number 2.

16. Michael Jackson was most sought after celebrity of 2009 on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

17. Facebook announced 400 million users in Feb 2010.

18. There are more than 232000000 websites available on Internet as of April 2009.

19. The highest selling domain name in year 2009 was TOYS.com for $5,100,000. Candy.com and Fly.com were sold off for $3,000,000 and $1,760,000 respectively.

* As of September 30, 2009 by www.internetworldstats.com

Again there will be a lot of other facts I have missed. If you want to add something to this list, or found some mistake, please do let me know.

Thank you

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    That’s a very good list. It would have taken hours to do research. Well Done!

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    Thank you, Zaher. The list helped me in the preparation for the sermon I am going to deliver next Sunday. May God bless you!

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    update at regular intervals of time.we students will use it in many ways.

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