8 Cool Features of Windows 7

One would have to agree with the fact that Windows operating system has taken many huge steps from Windows 3.1 to Windows 7. Despite the fact that Windows Vista received a halfhearted response from the users around the globe, but it seems like Windows 7 will attend to those criticism and will be remembered.

Now let’s get back to our topic. What are the things that Windows 7 encompasses but Vista doesn’t?

So here are some cool things Windows 7 has but Vista doesn’t.

1. Shake them away

If you have multiple windows open and want to minimize them except the one that is important to you. Just grab the top of window and shake it to minimize other except this one.

2. Advance previewing option

Now in Windows 7 you can preview pops up of the opened windows just like Vista but with the option to close within the preview.

3. XP- Mode

Previously Vista would not run XP applications. However, with Windows 7 you can, by downloading XP Mode free from the Microsoft website.

4. Get rid of the notification area!

You can now almost get rid of the clock and volume icons. Windows 7 gives you the option to ‘customize’ the notifications area.

5. Record any problem regarding your PC

Just click the ‘Record’ button on the ‘Problem Steps Recorder’ app and it start taking screenshots each time the mouse click. You can add comments to each screenshot and send it to someone who might assist you with this problem.

6. A brand new Magnifier tool

Windows 7 Magnifier tool has come with two options for providing a bigger display. One is the traditional dock which took a lot of screen space and the other being a rectangular lens (covers up less workspace).

7. Homegroup Networking

In Vista and the older version of windows, it was a bit hard to create a shared folder over a network. By using ‘Homegroup’ wizard in Windows 7 you can all the folders that you want to share plus it gives you a pass-code. Both the parties have to enter this code to start sharing.

8. Native calibration tools

If you want to connect your computer to a HDTV then the basic and easy-to-use calibration tools will help you.

I hope these points will make your upgrade worthwhile.

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