9 Tips to Take Your Blog to Highest Level

The most important thigh to understand is the difference between the professional and an amateur blog. I’ve made an effort to in order to help you improve your blog’s ranking. Below are 9 important tips for your assistance.

Make some changes to the template and make your own.

Templates are there, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Always start with your top banner as this is the first think that your readers see. When making a banner always consider your blog’s role.

Change the template icons.

Get rid of the most common blog icons that you see all the time and make your own images and icons or you can simply leave icons and use white spaces for a cleaner looking blog.

Make sure that your Post Titles can be clicked.

I mean when it is clicked, it will take your readers to the post page. It is advisable from SEO point of view and it’s logical that readers would click the title.

Your Blog Title as well as Logo can be clicked

The blog title and logo should be a clickable link that will take your visitors to the home page of your blog. Make sure that you provide ‘Title and Alt’ attributes in your home page. And put a slogan underneath your Blog Title.

Put your descriptors first and your blog name last.

Always use your blogs name after description, this is a common mistake. According to the SEO point of view the search engine will search keywords in your description rather than your Blog’s name.

The RSS newsfeed link should be prominent on your site.

I believe that the best place for RSS feed is near the top of your template or at the bottom of each post. Try to use a nice image and make it a clickable link.

Widgets tends slows down slow down your blog so try to get rid of them.

I understand that widgets are popular but they use scripts which make calls to other sites, and if the server on the other side is down or slow it will also affect your blog’s performance. We all know that readers are quite impatient and if your blog is taking time to open that they will move on.

Make a menu.

Try to make a menu near your top banner. The menu should have links to your FAQs file, your Profile page, Email, Newsfeed, Home page and important posts, etc.

Try to make your blog appear B-I-G-G-E-R.

I mean as most users around the globe are using large monitors, so the chances are that if your blog is designed for old monitors than it may appear as a tiny spec on 19 inch monitors.

To overcome this problem, make your posts body area and your sidebar bigger. You can also increase the size of your font but don’t overdo it, because latest browsers have the ability to make the font larger on its own.

So if you think that these points are of some help. Feel free to comment.

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  1. stylo says:

    Nice Tips but you miss one thing blog is for readers. Your articles might be easily readable and background of articles should be white….

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