Asif Hussain Shah Taxi Driver, An Inspiration

Internet has changed the life of almost everyone over the recent years and it continues to amaze me on how people could use it to their benefits.

A Taxi driver from Rawalpindi is promoting Google for his own good. He has painted Google Logo on his cab along with the terms “Search for Taxi Driver Asif Hussain Shah on Google” which looks like he is just goofing around. But the thing is when you search for his name on Google, the first few results come up with a YouTube video of his as well as posts about him.

Asif Hussain Taxi Driver

This Cab driver is actually running a marketing campaign for his book “For Hire” which might the first ever book written by a taxi driver.  He is just avoiding any extra expenses for the promotion and is getting quite impressive results.

Asif Hussain Shah really inspired me with his efforts and works and clearly set a message for ordinary people to think of new things and get along the technology.

Even though he doesn’t have a website/blog of his own but he really has been an inspiration for many in several ways.

I’d like to offer him my services for a website/blog to help him with his work and it would be an honor. I will try to get in touch with him on this and will keep you guys updated.

Keep your fingers crossed …..

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10 Responses to "Asif Hussain Shah Taxi Driver, An Inspiration"

  1. maryam says:

    very impressive.

  2. Babaji M P says:

    Came googling here for “Taxi Driver Asif Hussain Shah”.
    It’s really a brilliant idea and very much appreciable.

    Do update about this driver’s next move Tasadduq Bashir 🙂

  3. Ali R. Khan says:

    Ok I live in Rawalpindi and I ever saw him, I’ll hire him and i’ll share his story on my blog… I’m really good in interviewing the taxi drivers… they know everything about everything.

    BTW, I’d love to be a taxi driver. I’ve also planned to start a taxi blog, sharing everything on justinTV or ustream..What you think??

  4. farhan says:

    very nice but where we can buy his book online? and what is the cost?

  5. viking says:

    I saw his picture on a site called “theberry.com”. I think what he did is genius and I hope he is successful at his endeavors. I never would have thought about doing what he did, but it makes sense with so much of the planet joined by the Internet. Any business person would have to be insane to not take advantage of basically free advertising with the largest online prescience, Google.

    I wish the best of luck to Ali, also. I hope you can find Asif and help him get further with his goals. This story is extremely inspiring!

    Best of luck and best wishes to all,
    -The Viking

  6. Raja B says:

    @Ali R. Khan
    I am very happy to read ur comments and i will be more happy if i will help u in ur plane

  7. Bilal Baig says:

    hey guy! i met this guy in the morning he ws genius, he took mefrm G11 to G9 markaz n on way talking abt himself he is good naaaa he is best… n i got his num too

  8. M Shoaib Alamgir says:

    Its really a very good idea. Once I read about this book, there was written on wall near Sir Syed Chowk Rawalpindi.

    Good Luck Mr. Asif Hussain Shah

  9. Rizky Blog says:

    really amazing, i like the spirit of that taxi driver

  10. jawad says:

    God bless you, keep doing the great work…

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