Block Web Ads with Ad Blocker – A Handy Firefox Extension

Ever wondered how to get rid of these annoying ads that persistently break off whatever you are doing while you work? These pesky ads will keep on coming and will try to break your concentration while you are working, perhaps reading a gripping article from Wikipedia or checking your emails. It is very hard to understand why these people are persistent in their never-ending spamming when they also know that you are not interested in whatever they are trying to sell.

Answer is simple; Ad Blocker has to come liberate you from this misery. And it seems like it is the only way to avoid the frustrating ads.

Ad blocker can also help parents in their effort to protect their children from the harmful and potentially unsafe pop-up ads for example; awful videos, documentaries and sometime pornography.

In addition to this, ad blockers will significantly increase the speed of your web browser. These popup ads take up your system resources and waste your time. But with an ad blocker installed, you can enjoy surfing the internet without being annoyed by these ads.

But we have to keep this in mind that ad blocker can’t stop all the web monkey business on its own. Sometime if there is a ‘malware’ present on your computer system it could make ad blocker stop functioning properly. To stop all this brutal preying of your computer system by immoral hackers, it is necessary that you get your hands on a virus detecting and removing software called antivirus to protect your system.

You can also find extensions for other browsers as well.

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