Copy & Paste Feature in Pipeline for Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has taken a very Apple-esque like approach to the development and launch of Windows Phone 7.

And why is that?

  • It is developed in the utmost of privacy.
  • Closed –wall application store.
  • And it also has a modest interface.

Considering these point, Apple also has a tendency to speak out against things that their product doesn’t do while working on it behind the doors.

Remember what Steve Jobs a co-founder and chief executive officer of Apple Inc said:

  • People don’t read anymore! On January 16th 2008
  • Hey guys! Check out the iPad! On January 27th 2010

If the latest rumor to come out of Internet world rings comes out to be true, then it looks like Microsoft is taking the same approach with Copy and Paste in Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft already told us way back in February that there would be no Copy/Paste feature in Windows Phone 7 – but now that they’ve confirmed it, everyone’s flipping out. Every blogger Pro wants to know more details regarding WP7 and most of them have shot off e-mails to Microsoft asking for more details, and they essentially told everyone the same thing: No, we’re not working on copy and paste.

Well, at least one guy is saying that’s not the case. Long Zheng of istartedsomething is saying that someone “close to the den” (i.e. someone at Microsoft) has shared the low-down on copy/paste with him: Yes, it’s coming — they’re just not sure how to implement it yet.

Of course, rumors like this are bound to happen. In this case, however, it seems likely that we’ll see it sooner than later; Microsoft has supported copy/paste in past releases, and much of their word-editing, enterprise-emailing’ user base relies on it.

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