Gmail New Security Alert System

To protect (Gmail users) Google has recently launched a new and improved Gmail Alert System, which will make sure, that you are safe from hackers and scammers.

How it works?

As soon as Google detect any skeptical actions or activities occurring with your Gmail account, you’ll be notified by a bright red warning which will appear below the search bar alert you to the issue. Here you can view logs of all recent threats around your Google account by clicking the “Show details and preferences”. The user can determine whether or not it was a threat. If you need you have also the privilege to change your password from this window.

Technically the new system works at the IP (internet protocol); it matches IP addresses to a broad geographic location, with abnormalities prompting the system to respond.


“A login seems to be coming from one country and then after some time appearing from another country could trigger an alert.”

Right now it is only available to the Gmail users, but in future it will be there to protect Google app customers.

One would agree that this is a smart idea and an essential feature in protecting Gmail users from malicious user from malicious individuals.

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One Response to "Gmail New Security Alert System"

  1. Stacie L says:

    Hi! I am glad to have found this. I actually got this in my email today and was curious if it was legit? I don’t really feel comfortable putting my info in an email to someone that I don’t know if it legit or not. Thanks!

    date Sun, Apr 3, 2011 at 12:22 PM
    subject Gmail Database Updates

    hide details 12:22 PM (42 minutes ago)

    For your security, we are currently introducing a new and improved email security system. To continue using Gmail you are required to confirm your gmail account details below on the new 2011 Google database version.

    Account ID :

    Password :

    Date of Birth :

    State :

    You have 72hours to click on the reply button and email us the details above regarding your Account so as to confirm that you truly own this account. Any account that will not be confirmed will be subjected to deletion and permanently removed from our software.

    Thank you.
    Gmail Team

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