How to: Count the Pixels of Your Digital Camera

Here are some facts about pixels count in a digital camera

2 Mega Pixels Count:

It is appropriate for online photo sharing, thumbnails or for use in websites. A camera with low resolution produces mediocre picture quality.

3 or 4 Mega Pixels Count:

It is suitable for amateur use. The picture quality is improved a little bit. Prints of size up to 6 x 7 are fine.

5 to 8 Mega Pixels Count:

It is recommended for larger size print outs, enlargements. The overall image quality is     superb. On the other hand it is expensive.

16 or 20 Mega Pixels Count:

It is suitable for professional photographers. The image quality is outstanding you can compare it with the motion picture. But it is way too expensive.

However, higher the pixel count it produces better image quality, on the other hand the quality may degrade when the lens could not support or handle the number of pixels a digital camera supports. This produces a noisy picture with poor shadow quality. The overall picture quality is not good due to the pixel size becomes smaller and smaller this leads to holding few charged particles.

What is resolution?

The resolution refers to how detailed an image is and also refers to the sharpness of visible objects that the image displays. Sharper or detailed images have high resolutions.

How resolution affects the quality of image?

The factors that attribute to the image quality are the resolution must always come first than other things like color quality, contrast etc. Low resolution pictures often lack clarity and sharpness making them unappealing to eyes. On the contrary, pictures with high resolution look clear, sharp and catching our eyes instantly.

Resolution of digital cameras

The image sensor is the component that determines the resolution in a digital camera. The CCD (Charged Coupled Device) records the picture, processes it and converts it into digital format. This semiconductor is made up of small units called pixels with a color filter on each pixel. The pixel is made up of 3 number denoting colors (RGB) red, green and blue.

Digital cameras with one mega pixel resolution produces picture of low quality. Here let me tell you that 1 mega = 1 million. On the other hand, the latest digital cameras come with pixel counts ranging between 2 – 20 mega pixels.

Different pixel counts of digital cameras

Digital cameras for amateur use are available with pixel counts – 1.3 mega pixels, 2.1 pixels, 3.3 mega pixels and 4 mega pixels. Digital camera of 4 mega pixels is considered ideal for everyone – cost-wise as well as quality-wise.

However, there are cameras with higher pixel counts – 11.1 mega pixels, 16 mega pixels and 20 mega pixels. These cameras are largely used by professional photographers. A 20 mega pixel digital camera can deliver the typical picture quality of a 35 mm movie.

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