HOW TO: Install WordPress Script for the First Time

WordPress is a Content Management System that allows maintaining blogs or online journal. WordPress offers an easy facility for blog solution to have it set up and running very swiftly. WordPress is well known for its easy installation. Its installation is a very simple process and takes less than five minutes to complete under most circumstances. Fantastico is a tool offered by many web hosts to automatically install WordPress. Fantastico in the cPanel is the easiest way to install WordPress.

Here is a helpful guide if one wishes to install WordPress personally,

Step 1: First, click the icon labeled Fantastico. Under the heading of ‘Blogs’ on the left panel, there is a link named ‘WordPress.’ By clicking the link, a WordPress install directory will be opened. A heading labeled ‘New Installation’ is on the right side of the install directory. By clicking it, an installation panel will be opened for the Fantastico WordPress installation.


The domain to be installed it on is asked in the first line. If there is only one domain in the cPanel the domain name should be listed in the box. If there are more domains in the cPanel then the domain which you want to install WordPress to can be picked.

Step 2: Next line asks “Install in directory.” If the blog is desired to be hosted on the root directory which is the website’s home page then this box should not be filled. If one opts to choose a subdirectory (www.sitename.com/subdirectory/) for installing WordPress then add the name for the subdirectory.

Step 3: An ‘Admin Access Data’ is under the next category; add the login name to login in to the administration area. The Admin username and password should be filled and written down for safe record.

Step 4: The Base configuration category is to be filled after that. An Admin nickname has to be added and email address filled in the box.

Step 5: The site name can be filled next. It can be called anything. It appears as the title of the site. The title bar and the top header of the page will show this. A brief description can be added in the box below the site name. It appears under the title in the header panel. The e-mail account information can be filled if one wants to use the blog by e-mail feature.

Step 6: Finally, click ‘Install WordPress’ button. MySQL databases will be created by Fantastico and it will install the WordPress files where the user wants them.

This easy guide will successfully install WordPress.

Creating the first MySQL database

If you are creating the first MySQL database, you can follow the below guidelines to carry out the task:

Step 1: Launch MySQL Databases in cPanel.

Step 2: Create a Username under the Users section.

Step 3: Select a password and write it in the password field.

Step 4: Click “Add User.”

Step 5: Create a database name under the Databases section. It can be named anything as long as it can be remembered. The database name has to be entered in the Db field. After this, click the button saying “Add Db”.

Step 6: Link the database user to the database. Select the user name under database from the user dropdown list. Then, select the database from the Db dropdown list. It has to be made sure that the box labeled “All” is checked under Privileges. Click Add User to Db button.

An Open Source Database

What is an Open Source Database? WordPress is currently the most important open source website publishing software. It has diverse applications ranging from self-publishing content like blogging to acting as a full-fledged content management system. WordPress enjoys the greatest brand strength of any open source content management systems.

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