Increase WiMax USB Signal Strength Using a Can

While browsing, I came across a very interesting article written by Sohaib Athar about increasing the WiFi signal strength using a Can (the antenna made using Can is often known as Cantenna).  I myself want to try it out but am out of town right now and don’t have my Wateen WiMax USB Dongle but I can’t wait to share this with most of the unfortunate Wateen customers. Before returning the device, try this method. There are solid chances that you will see an increase in signal strength. The writer claims to get 80% signals after applying this method.

What you’ll need?

  • An Empty 330ml Can;
  • A Scissor;
  • A WiMax USB Dongle.

Start Making Cantenna

  • Take an empty 330ml Can.
  • Chop it’s both end and cut it from the center vertically  using scissor so, you will be left with a concave sheet.
  • Make a slot/hole in the center of the sheet to adjust the USB Dongle.
  • Fit you USB Dongle in the hole and plug into the USB port.
  • Adjust the angle that gives best signal strength.

That’s it!

Warning & Tips

  • Wear gloves and glasses before you start work. This method involves sharp edges of can and scissor. So, safety should be the first priority.
  • Writer tried the angle parallel to the table which gave him best signal strength. So, you might want to try that angle first.

I will try this method as well when I get back home. Till then, I would like to know about your experience with this method. Thank you. This method should work with other companys’ USB dongles i.e. PTCL EVO, wi-tribe USB Dongle etc. because all are using the same technology.

Image Courtesy: Sohaib Athar @ reallyvirtual.com

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10 Responses to "Increase WiMax USB Signal Strength Using a Can"

  1. Tasadduq says:

    That’s a great idea. I will try that on my Wateen USB Dongle. Hope to get good results.

  2. Umair says:

    I thought of returning the device but let’s try this out 🙂

  3. Ashraf Khan says:

    That’s quite interesting. I might give it a try. Thank you

  4. ali says:

    me 2 did same like dis experiment like dis and increase my wifi signal to low to very good ……

  5. DONNA says:

    there is no way that this should work, but it totally does. i went from a very weak signal to a moderately weak signal. i’m stunned. thanks for posting.

  6. Medi says:

    good work… even i’m goin to giv it a try..
    really a gud work, thats wat Pakistans are known for.. keep it up.

  7. Good thnx
    my signal icrese

  8. fiaz riaz says:

    sir, plz tell me about the material of can & about the connector to set the angle bcz there is no such connector with new wateen usb

  9. @fiaz riaz – Buy a can of any cold drink and use it. Enjoy the drink and strong signal strength. The connector came with my device but its not a big deal. You can use the method without the connector or buy a new connector from any computer shop. Ask them to give you USB Connector. Enjoy!

  10. Ahmad Wali says:

    Very nice, but isn’t it too dangerous while working. I usually use Wateen USB on my laptop and a big can with sharp edges, you never know accidentally touch the can while working. Very nice 😀

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