Nokia: Phones to Recharge Automatically, Coming Soon!

Your Nokia cell phone will never run out of battery, while you are on the go. A Cell-Phone that can now recharge itself automatically.

Scientists have figured out that Nokia has put a case for a US Patent for a phone that recharges as the phone user moves.

This technology is already used by some watches who have the similar pattern for generating energy – there are some circular frames on the back-end of the dial that keeps moving they use it to generate energy.

According to Nokia there can be phones in which the heavier and powerful components, such as the radio transmitter circuit and battery, are supported on a well-built frame. This frame can move along two sets of rails, one allows it travel up and down, the other side to side.

At the end of each rail strips of ‘Piezoelectric crystals’ are present and generate a current when compressed by the frame. So as the user walks, or otherwise moves the phone, the motion generates electricity. This charges a capacitor which in turn drip charge into the battery, keeping it topped up.

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