Protect Your USB Drive From Any Kind of Infection

Mostly all of us have faced and experienced a situation when we want to attach a USB to a computer and after some time find out the drive is infected by a deadly virus. The virus get transferred to your USB drive as soon as you attached it to an infected computer and all your crucial data get infected or you could lose your important data for ever depending on the type and nature of the virus.

There is always a solution to any problem!

The good news is that now you can protect your USB while attaching to a computer already infected.

If your USB drive is in non writable mode then a virus can’t get transferred into it as the drive will not allow it to enter

Switch your Drive to Write Protect Mode

There are few USB Flash drives in the market that have a built-in switch to change its mode to write protected or not. However, there are USB drives that doesn’t have this switch or the feature then you can use utility software to manually write protect your USB drive.

For example,


This software is a freeware application, which allows you to manually write protects your USB drive so that any kind of virus, Malware, Trojan or infection from infected computer would not damage your USB drive or any of your data.

You can download this software (it’s free) and install it in your computer system, after that you will see its icon in the system try. Now right click the icon and select ‘Make USB read only’ option from the menu. By doing this you are making your drive write protected from any infection.

USB Write Protector

This is another freeware utility that allows you to make your USB flash drive or pen drives write protected same as Thumbscrew as mentioned above.

These are very small in size utilities and you can even carry it in your USB drive itself.

By using these free applications your pen drive or your USB Flash drive would be protected from the infected computer if attached, other than it is still the best option and recommended for you to use quality antivirus software, and keep it updated on daily basis.

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