Is PTCL Really Going to Double Up Broadband Speed Again? I think NO!

PTCLThere have been a some rumors regarding the PTCL broadband speed would double up again in near future. Some of my friends are working with PTCL and they told me that they have no news about it. “If there is something like this going on, I am not aware of it”, one of my friends told. “PTCL doesn’t have enough capacity to again do it”, Another friend added. Some people are likely to believe this rumor because they see some work under process from PTCL nearby their houses i.e. deployment of copper wires. Believe me friends, My number is on Fiber Optics and that’s nothing to happy about.

RumorYou must be thinking why? If your number is on Fiber Optics, you cannot get any DSL service other than PTCL. PTCL has not allowed other companies to issue connections on Fiber Optics. That’s kind of monopoly but we have to live with it. To me there is not truth in this rumor. If you see PTCL guys deploying copper wires near your house, that maybe because they are issuing new telephone connections in that area. So, don’t dream and get back to work ๐Ÿ™‚

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17 Responses to "Is PTCL Really Going to Double Up Broadband Speed Again? I think NO!"

  1. Jamil Arif says:

    I totally agree with the your version of doubling the PTCL DSL Speed.

  2. Usman Butt says:

    Well dear admin i dont know about the truth but many people are now thinking that ptcl is going to upgrade as you can see the propakistani group also post this topic and according to them ptcl will might be double the packges on 23rd march..

  3. Adeel Khan says:


    About 15-20 days ago i was speaking with the PTCL ADSL advisor on 1218 and i asked him about that doubling of speed.

    He confirmed that we shall double speed but we don’t know WHEN!

  4. I talked to a Customer Service guy about this a week ago I believe and he replied: “NO sir, there are no news on this yet” and I thought he doesn’t want to tell me that.

    But in my opinion PTCL should rather focus on putting their network on fiber than copper wires.

  5. arslan says:

    yes i think that ptcl should convert their old copper lines to the Fiber so every one can experience high speed up to 24mb.

  6. Adeel Khan says:

    Hi All,

    Today is 23rd March. Is there any update that PTCL ADSL speed is now doubled?

  7. Ammar says:

    naaaaaaaa its 23rd march today
    it was just a rumor :(( ๐Ÿ˜ก

  8. @Ammar
    @Adeel Khan – Well… Adeel & Ammar…As I wrote in the article, they don’t have much capacity to do it again. Most of the phone-lines are on copper wires and they cannot afford high speed. PTCL can provide high speed Internet of Fiber optics but again, that would not be fair for copper line users.

    We can still wait to see if they do it which I do not think they will. And I will suggest you not to build any kind of expectations. Expectations hurt ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Adeel Khan says:


    So when the network shall be upgraded to Fibre Optic?

  10. @Adeel Khan – I think PTCL will be in a better position to provide high speed Internet once they switch to Fiber optics.

  11. Attorney says:

    Unfortunately it was just a rumor because we dont see any increase in speed.

  12. Mudassir Imam says:

    My 1mb connection is now getting 2mbps speed. ๐Ÿ˜€ I think PTCL is going to double its speed again.

  13. shoaib says:

    my 1 mb connection is still 1 mb and download speed 100kb,,,,even though ptcl has officially annouced double up packages but no good news for 1 mb users……

  14. shoaib azeem says:

    Why ptcl not increase bandwidth of 1 MB package?? it is really unfair with 1 MB package users.

  15. ayesha says:

    Wateen is still better than ptcl

  16. Salman says:

    Well Good News,
    ptcl has doulbled speed agian as below:
    1mb———They did not doubled the speed of 1mb package
    and a new 8mb package has benn introduced

    Check out http://www.ravian.webs.com for more details

  17. Avinash says:

    YEs ptcl has increased it’s speed ๐Ÿ˜‰ and I have 4 Mbps xD :d
    Love Ptcl :d

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