Reasons Why Pakistani Website Earn 32 Times Less than American Counterpart?

One would agree that this is not a mystery that a Pakistani website earns in pennies as compared to the US or western website which earns in hundreds of dollars.

If we compare the number of visitors and the revenue for many of Pakistan targeted websites with its counter-part from US and the west (can’t reveal the names, owners asked for confidentiality), we will come to a conclusion that Pakistan targeted website or blog earns 32 times less than the US website of the same size and traffic.

There are mainly four reasons behind this low return:

  • The advertising companies.
  • We don’t have social media websites like Digg and Stumble.
  • The fear of local brands to advertise online and
  • The lack of awareness in Pakistani people to use online ads effectively.

Having said that, we (Pakistani webmasters) should realize that Pakistan is a third world country with only 0.5 million broadband user at most, instead of comparing ourselves with Americans we should realize the ground realities.


We need to answer these questions to overcome this problem.

  • What should be are attitude?
  • Waiting for the advertisers to flow is the solution?
  • Should we keep rolling with these low revenues?
  • Giving up hope and winding up the businesses is the answer?

So what is the solution? And what’s the Future?

We all know that the things are not positive enough, but for every problem there is a solution and the solution to these problems is the “E-commerce Infrastructure”.

Though things are not very positive, but don’t worry guys we are not going to disappoint you. You are definitely not watching a talk show where politicians come in, they speak and then they leave with no conclusion, decision or direction.

Here is the solution to all these problems (of a Pakistani webmaster), and in fact a potential for hundreds of other businesses of all domains. And the mighty solution is called “Ecommerce Infrastructure

For the sake of argument, assume that Ecommerce Infrastructure is in place, which means that there are several businesses trying to sell their products online, and each sale earns them money. And if there’s no Ecommerce Infrastructure, than there’s no online business – which means there is no affiliate marketing and sales any webmaster.

Only if the businesses in Pakistan realize the potential of Ecommerce they must convince state bank, PTA, and the government to establish Ecommerce Infrastructure.

When will this Dream Come True?

We should get disappointed as in coming 2 years Raseen and PTA are planning to deploy Ecommerce Infrastructure. It looks like Raseen was planning to execute their gateway last year but they couldn’t.

But we don’t see PTA is playing its part as required. However PTA is aware of the dreadful need of Ecommerce Infrastructure.

On the other hand, I feel by the end of 2012 there will be around 5 million broadband users, and hope that Ecommerce Infrastructure should be placed by that time.

So guys just keep focused and don’t lose the hope.

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3 Responses to "Reasons Why Pakistani Website Earn 32 Times Less than American Counterpart?"

  1. Asim Izhar says:

    In my point of view the biggest problem which Pakisatni webmasters are faceing is “Paypal don’t support services to Pakistan”

  2. Bebo says:

    Yeah! Asim well said PayPal feature is also termed biggest disadvantage for hundred of Pakistani Webmasters!

    But i realised to one point that most of Pakistanis already misused and still misusing effective services like Google Adsense by opening clicking agencies and network! that made curse for loyal webmasters of Pakistan quite badly

  3. yasir says:

    very nice article and we definatly need paypal for payment processing.

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