12 Tips To Browse Faster On Slow Internet Connection

Ever wanted to browse the web and download web pages faster on your PC while using the old dial-up or USB modems? Of course you did!

Here are some useful tips to help you resolve this problem with slow internet connections:

1. From your browser settings try to turn off the Adobe Flash plug-in, JavaScript, web images and Java Applets because these are often the heaviest elements of any web page.

2. Try to increase the size of your browser cache as elements like background graphics; CSS, etc are stored in the local cache. If you revisit the site the browser will safely skip downloading these files in order to improve the speed.

3. Use Finch (or Squeezr) to view a light-weight version of any website. For instance, a homepage of a news site might weigh more than a MB but Finch will trims down the size by 90% so the website will loads more quickly.

4. Finch or Squeezr is good for reading regular websites but if you are interested in reading articles on your favorite blogs, use BareSite.

5. Google Transcoder is a service that can split web pages into smaller chunks that will download more quickly on your computer (or mobile phone).

6. Monitor your Internet speed in order to reschedule your surfing time and see when you are getting utmost downloading speed from your ISP.

7. Try to use a text browser like Elinks or Lynx for even faster browsing. It only downloads the HTML version of web pages thus reducing the overall load.

8. When using Google for searching web pages you can click the “Cache” link to view the text version of a web page stored in the Google Cache.

9. You can also make your web activities offline for example you can receive and send emails, write blogs and even read feeds in an offline environment.

10. Find out which processes are secretly consuming internet speed by using the ‘netstat’ command. These processes can use valuable bandwidth but you can also block them using the Firewall.

11. Use Adblock plus to filter out advertising banners on web pages, they try to connect with non-essential host names and slow down the internet speed.

12. Use Opera Turbo in order to make your web surfing pleasing as it will allow images and other graphics to load on its own server first and than after compressing down the images size and quality it will resend it to your browser which allows it to load faster in your browser.

I hope these tips will help you in getting more out of slow connections.

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