What is is a default private IP address utilized by some NAT/network devices such as routers. These IP addresses were devised in order to amend the lack of IP addresses to be used on the Internet. The concealed IP address ranges have been characterized by RFC 1918. An IP address (IP stands for Internet Protocol), is a number classification that is given to any machine that is part of a computer network. All machine or device in a network should have a exclusive IP address. These addresses are numeric addresses and are divided into four parts that are divided by dots. An example of an IP address that you will see often is

One group of these numbers is ordered as undisclosed IP addresses. This set of numbers ranges from to These numbers are taken and are special compared to other IP addresses. These numbers are only special within the network they are placed. For instance, one computer could be assigned an address as in your school’s network and an additional computer can have exactly the same address in your home network and it won’t cause any hitch.

NAT and Private Address Space

There started to be a shortage of IP addresses simply due to the process in which these addresses are allocated. NAT devices were used as a quick fix for this shortage. For instance, let’s believe that you have four computers at home that attach to the Internet.

Each computer in your private network will have its own assigned private IP address. Each computer will be linked to a router that might then in turn attach to the Internet. The NAT device, such as a router in your home or the firewall in your office, will alter the data that your computers transmits to the Internet so they will get a typical address that can be used on the web. The NAT device is also liable to route the information entering the network to the exact computer in your secret network. is one of the default addresses used by NAT machines in hidden networks. Other defaults comprise and These have been defined by RFC 1918, which are working notes on Internet studies and development. The Internet Assigned Numbers Authority has retained these and other numbers within their particular ranges for clandestine network use. Many NAT tools or network devices use as a default private IP address. Common labels that use this and the other default numbers contain Linksys and Speedtouch.

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