7 Reasons – Why You Should Not Buy iPad

Apple iPad is official now and there is a lot of murmur around the specifications and whispering about who should buy Apple iPad or who should not. Well there can be ample of reasons to go for Apple iPad. However, before you make a decision in regards to buying it, you should look at some reasons why you should not go for Apple iPad. There is no doubt that Apple iPad is one of the most hyped and much anticipated device.

So here’s a list of reasons why you should not buy Apple iPad:

1. The Name – iPad

What’s wrong with Apple? What kind of a name ‘iPad’ is? Some one who is not familiar with ‘iPad’ may think it as a ‘Maxi Pad’ you know… due to the word Pad. Apple could have come up with a nice and a better name but I don’t know what they were thinking?

2. Flash is not supported

What? The new Apple iPad is designed to give you a better gaming, browsing and a rich graphical experience on the other hand it doesn’t allow video streaming? You’re offering something that will replace Netbooks and laptops and that “something” can NOT run videos and flash based graphics? And what is the use of unlimited data packages then?

3. There is NO Extended Memory and NO Extension Ports/Adapters

Question arises what if someone wanted to plug in a digital camera, external HDD or even a card reader? But there is no way you could do this with iPad. There’s even NO USB port in iPad that even an average Netbook or a cell phone would have. This means you will NOT be able to expand your Apple iPad memory, now this seems like a huge deal breaker to me.

4. HD Video Output Not Supported

Apple iPad could have been a wonderful tool for presentations provided there was HD video out support. This could also enable users to watch videos in HD on bigger screens.

5. NO Support for Handwriting Recognition

It would have been nice to have handwriting recognition in Apple iPad. Emphasis has been on artists and students, both would have loved the handwriting recognition in iPad but …

6. NOT Favorable

I have a Laptop and an iPhone, now you tell me why should I buy an iPad? Is there a single reason for spending more then $500 on that “revolutionary” device?

7. Just an E-Book Reader for $500

So, iBook seems to be the good reason to buy an iPad. But for whopping $500, why shouldn’t you rather go for Amazon Kindle then. At least Kindle’s got E-Ink, which is so easy on eyes and so light on battery. Not to mention that Amazon Kindle has battery time of one week.

Apple iPad seems to be just another iPod, the bigger one that can’t multitask, doesn’t support flash, have no room for expandable memory, doesn’t let you attach your devices to it and list goes on. All this comes with an “unbelievable” price of minimum $500 doesn’t sound like a fair deal to me.

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